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Found 1 result

  1. Saturday, April 11th, 3:00pm PST Do you hate those boring, same-old, same-old tournaments that don't allow items, only use omega stages, and don't allow customs? Well then, this is the tournament for you! This will be a 3DS exclusive tournament, but if somebody else wants to take responsibility for a Wii U counterpart, I'll be glad to include that as well. **Format curtesy of GoldenGhost** -Rounds will be best of 3, except for finals and grand finals which will be best of 5 -Double Elimination -All items on -All stages allowed -All custom moves and badges/equipment allowed Prizes: Winner - cool signature swag Grand winner - cooler signature swag In the instance the Grand Winner and Winner are the same team - coolest signature swag -----Double Elimination----- Rules are pretty simple. There will be a Winner's Bracket (WB) and a Loser's Bracket (LB); everyone starts in the WB. Obviously, if you win, you advance in your bracket. Losing in the WB drops you to the LB, and losing in the LB eliminates you from the tournament. (Insert poorly-drawn Flipnote animation for reference here) The winning team of the WB (Winner's finals) is named the "Winner", and the winner of the LB (Loser's finals) will face off against the Winner to determine the Grand Winner (Grand Finals). The Grand Winner will get some awesome signature swag while the Winner will get some slightly-less-awesome signature swag. -----Sign-ups----- In order to sign up, please include your 3DS Friend Code, your Skype account name (optional, but reccomended), and your Challonge account name (optional). Also, please give me an idea of when you are available to play so I can pick a good time for this to happen. I'm thinking a Saturday evening, although my schedule is somewhat flexible. (Be specific with time zones to avoid confusion!) Note: The deadline to sign up will be 24 hours before the tournament, so make sure you sign up before then! Sign-up deadline is April 10th at 11:59 PM PST To sign up, please make a post below including: -your 3DS Friend Code -your Skype username (optional, but reccommended) -your Challonge account (optional) -a general idea of when you are and aren't available to compete in the tournament **You will not be added to the sign up list if you do not have everything required** ----The Bracket---- Here is the bracket. Please notify me of any errors before the tournament begins! ----The Sign Up List---- A C Cret Friend Code: 2320-6361-3224 Skype: The_Real_A_C_Cret Challonge: A_C_Cret GoldenGhost Friend Code: 3454-2259-8402 Skype: joybuzzer64 Challonge: FinalStarman Chris Friend Code: 0946-2724-5736 Skype: chris.the.ninjer Delta Friend Code: 0001-3815-8600 Skype: deltafire Gamefemale Friend Code: 2320-6681-7010 Skype: Gamefemale Challonge: Gamefemale IndustrialKnight Friend Code: 4897-7240-9458 Skype: darkrai-nightmare