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Found 6 results

  1. It's no secret that discord is taking over the internet for all things gaming communication; Skype, Teamspeak, etc. just don't do the job as well as discord can. Today I realized, we still don't have a server for all things The Behemoth. Figuring that should change, I made a server for us. With the community starting to revive, it would be helpful to bring new members here to easily find games and communicate with people from here while they play. That link has unlimited uses and permanent time, so feel free to post it anywhere you would like. Enjoy
  2. Not a serious question, just a fun little poll. (You probably can tell it's not a serious question due to the stupid possible answers. This shouldn't be considered spam. Actually, considering how strict the mods have been lately, it might be considered spam. Well this is just for fun, consider that before you lock.)
  3. Hello everyone! I have noticed a recent influx of signatureless, avatarless users! And that's great! I bet we're going to have some more around as BBT/SteamCC releases draw closer and closer! And it'd be a sad display if these users were to find themselves in a crowd of sad, avatarless, signatureless posts. Well fret not! I, Scarabix, will take it on myself to design a unique signature and/or avatar for each person who will demand one! Absolutely free! Requests accomplished so far: Rules: These signatures may be made in MSPaint, GIMP, MURO or Actual paper sketches, according to the requests. You can demand as many signatures/avatars as you want, but only up to two at a time! You may demand anything you want, however I will not be held responsible if your newfound avatar/signature is deemed offensive by the moderation team. Every single request will be considered. Every single one of them. You can specify what you want in your picture. You may not credit me. athough these are 100% free, I wouldn't refuse potential donations in the form of anything steam. My steam profile can be found here :
  4. Greetings users, this is a very wonky thread, you should be happy in case you weren't included. Creativity flows like spring water. Our journey begins with a young adventurer called Ultanoka, who bravely explored the kingdom of the mysterious Anonymous Scammer. A journey isn't a journey without an offical mascot is it? His loyal mascot was the Bipolar Bear. Together, they traveled through the dangerous forest of Memor-ies, facing many challenges in the way. The first one was EvilHat, a big Trickster, who forced them to eat a Demon Steak that looked like a Bloob. It wasn't a problem, and so they ate it fiercely and moved on. The next challenge was Koen, an Elusive Kat who lived in a SushyGummi ship and had the power of an Industrial Knight. Advancing wasn't easy, but they convinced him that he had Dropped His Pocket, killing him with a Frost blast while he searched for the lost piece of cotton. Later, they encountered a potential threat, Roy G Biv, a Golden Ghost Turkey who could rapidly build a 100 Turrets. There was no way they could pass this challenge, except with the help of a backup sidekick. His name was Mysterious Tuuka, appearing out of the blue, this True One Winged Angel slashed the ghost turkey till his last bits. They lost him though, Game Female dragged him away. Let's skip to the end, shall we? After so many battles, a Spyer was hired by the Scammer's strategist, Mr.Hatty, used a pyro pixel to burn our heroes to the ground. Who really overthrew Anonymous Scammer? A Thunder Knight called Chris. Unfortunately, he got eaten 5 minutes after conquering the forest by a Fox Dragon, and since then it reigns on Alien Hominid mispelled's control, son of Fossa of Fossa City. The end. Moral of the Story: Morg likes games, except Minecraft So what did you guys think? Cotacool eh?