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Found 26 results

  1. Hello again, after much deliberation I have decided to do something more with my art, so I'm going to design a game. The purpose of this thread is to get your opinion during development to make it better. I'm looking to publish this on newgrounds, and it won't be perfect as it is my first game. I'll start with a level design sketch I did to start. The idea me and my pals have come up with is Jacob, a small boy, who stumbles upon a smoothie machine on a very hot day. The other kids are jealous however, and want a share in the delicious drink. It is your job to defend the mountain using a variety of weapons and upgrades. This sketch is of the mountain level.
  2. Welcome! I will draw anything you want into a castle crasher,my first example is my profile picture which is me made into a civillian.I can draw from your avatar to a slightly beautiful carrot. LEAVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS BELOW!
  3. It's time to inject some life back into the Creationism section my dudes This is the Weekly Creation Challenge thread. This thread is meant for anyone who wants to exercise their creativity on a regular basis, no matter what your skill level is. Each week we're gonna have a subject matter, and you have to make something related to it. It can be a pencil doodle, a digital drawing, a song, a story, a game, or anything you want to make. Feel free to spend 5 minutes or 5 days on it, but post it here so everyone can check it out! I'll pick a new theme every Sunday at 10:00pm PST, and feel free to PM me with subject ideas if you have 'em. Make some cool stuff, give feedback and tips for other people if you want to, and have fun! (Forum rules apply!) The current subject is: --- Previous Subjects: October 10th, 2016: Robot Cat October 17th, 2016: Animal Wizards/Witches October 24th 2016: Your Favorite Pokemon October 31st 2016: Something you're afraid of November 7th 2016: Random Line November 14th 2016: Favorite Music ---BREAK--- December 11th 2016: ???
  4. It's been a while since we've shared a speed drawing video! This footage was taken from Dan's Twitch Stream in October and then sped up 9x. We've also added in music by Patric Catani and both those songs are in Pit People Enjoy!
  5. Hey Folks, So recently I've been messing around with wix and found that if you know a bit of art and design you can make some pretty neat stuff. I designed a website for Pixel Patch which has yet to be fully launched, but you can see how much is possible with HTML 5 Let me know what you think and please share some of the web designs you've made. -JP
  6. While I'm preparing my ritual to resurrect my Writing Thread, I thought I'd make a thread for my art since it's something I've been meaning to do for a while now. I do a few different kinds of things, from hand-drawn art to pixel art, so I'm just gonna share all of it here. I will happily accept requests if you have them, and I'll even do them in a specific art form if you have a preference! (Note that, while none of these drawings are of actual people, I do draw people sometimes. I'll scan some pictures from my notebook and share those eventually.) Some of my computer-drawn art: Squid Monster + Lil' Squid Monster: My attempt at drawing Gish from Gish and The Binding of Isaac: (I might have went a little overboard with his bulging eye, but oh well) A forest spirit: Some fairies: Female Squid Monster + Lil' Squid Monster (such kawaii-desu-desu-kawaii) Check out my Pixel Art in the next post, it wouldn't fit here in the OP (but I still love it just as much) Other: I also like doing these community anime pictures that other people sometimes do, here's one from a while ago: So I might do one of those every once in a while. That's all I have right now, again I'll share more from my notebook soon. Give me some drawing requests! And don't steal my art!
  7. I've never seen any grand discussions about Tattoos around these parts, and I wanna see some opinions! What do you guys think of tattoos? Like em, hate them? You got any tattoos yourself? If so show them off! Personally I've been considering a tattoo for awhile now but I'm not positive about my decision. So I'm straying away until I'm positive I want one then waiting to see if I really like it in the end or not.
  8. Okay, so this is my third ever thread, and in this one I'm gonna do something a little different. Instead of dedicating huge portions of time (which I can no longer do with school coming up) I wanted to do a little side project that will help me regularly pump out images and help hone my artistic skills. Ask me to draw... anything. If it's a random thought, something you just saw, ANYTHING... and I will draw it as fast and as humerously as I can. This spontaneous drawing is really helping me with creativety, so the more suggestions, the better! Note that these drawings will most likely look awful and lack both colour and detail. Enjoy! You will see things like this:
  9. jonah

    Fanartish Game

    so i have this idea, somebody picks an image, than multiple people (10ish) seperate the image, and they draw each piece of the image, sound like a good idea?, i didnt know where to put this, so... (the point is to have different art styles in one pic)
  10. Well, after the Morg x Zane image, I'd thought I'd ramp up my photoshopping skills for whatever else may come up. So here is my first request, DK x Salt. So what else does everyone want me to do? Let me know!
  11. Hello there, the name's Dan Been drawing for years now, and I'd like to share my stuff. My style has developed from admiring Dan Paladin's art from a young age, and I'm finally in the stage where I am creating original drawings Something I've never gotten into and would like to get into is taking request. Nonetheless I will share my own spontaneous creations with all you all Here are a few examples of my work
  12. I really want to make pixel art so I am taking requests if the are relatively easy. I am new to this so bare with me I made two already but I need a day or two to post them because I have to find them. I did a five minute alien hominid head to start off
  13. Drew these using the Tayasui Sketches app(it's free)
  14. Hey, y'all. I posted a picture of my nephews art of R2-D2. Cat Guard liked it, so I thought I would post more of his work! He'll take requests, only every little while, he doesn't live with me. Anyways, have fun with his art! Request away!
  15. Today I decided I wanted to create a skateboard deck design for myself, one that shortly I will be ordering on an actual deck. Below is the result of this short burst of creativity.
  16. This is my first fan art for anything ever, and I think it came out pretty well To answer a few question I see many talented artists on this forum recieve: I used a popular, free program called Gimp to make this. I initially used a 100x100 pixel template, to which I zoomed into in order to draw. After that, I saved it as a larger image. :cool: :cool:
  17. This could apply with any Behemoth game, but I would like it the most if it happened with Castle Crashers. So I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and I came across a book called "The Art of Halo". It basically shows a behind the scenes look into the art of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. I was wondering if this would ever happen with a Behemoth game, out of curiosity. Or, better yet, a book giving us a behind the scenes look at the game development of all three games out currently. Would anyone else like to see this?
  18. Unfortunately I haven't quiet completed my early draft yet but feel free to post any sort of background you have created that are Behemoth Themed! Enjoy! Rules: Don't be a homophobe, sexist, racist or just a d**k in general please Thanks Love you
  19. So I've been practicing and I think I have made an improvement from my previous drawing Before:
  20. Okay so I really want to get good with drawing in general, you might look at my picture and think "What's he talking about that looks good!" but in truth I didn't draw it, it was drawn by a friend of mine for me... I have been trying to practice (I also got myself a tablet so I can draw on my computer) but I just don't really see myself improving as much as I had hopped on my own so I was wondering if someone would be able to teach me I'm sorry if this is a bit awkward its just as much to me to be asking the internet to give me art lessons.
  21. What does it mean to be an artist at The Behemoth studio? Our newest artist in the development team, Eric Haddad, will go into detail about his process as an artist who worked on BattleBlock Theater: Introduction Oh, hello internet – I mean, people on the internet. My name is Eric Haddad. I’ve been in the art department at The Behemoth for about two years now. I’ve worked mostly on BattleBlock Theater (BBT) but also provide support for any other art needs for the folks here. Today, I’m here to talk a little bit about the art production on BattleBlock Theater and a little about what it’s like working on a project that isn’t in the same art “style” as I would normally work in. Read the rest of this entry on our devblog »
  22. Had to use imgur since my tablet doesn't like me to put pictures any other way. This is my first try.
  23. Had to use imgur since my tablet doesn't like me to put pictures any other way. This is my first try. Edit: double posted, will try to remove this one.