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Found 3 results

  1. This is a good show, it has old fashioned based ideas as well which is cool. I don't have much to say other than: There used to be a thread for it, but I can't find it. So let me just say Avatar Legend of Korra is a great show. Korra IS MINE! Screw Mako and his brother. Also none of you can have her either, she's smexy and hawt, and delicious. I don't care what you say, this is true love...shut up. Anyway yeah discuss if you want. Don't forget to read the tags and obey the rules and stuff. But mostly read the tags.
  2. Good... evening I guess my friends! today I uploaded a Back-Up playlist of the playlist called: Death Under. This playlist contains 11 levels and I want YOU, to take it to the test! Remember: these are levels in test, not the final product, so if you want to give some feedback that would be great! Name: BU GT: HTTP 405 Error I forgot to mention it: THIS IS MY 100TH POST!! YAY YAAY!! pls rate 5 though it is just a back-up. Tip!: Remember, 9/10 levels in this playlist requires alot of dodge-dy-dodgdy skills! (you say it like: dodgedie dodgedie. I got that from a friend while playing ssbb with ness/lucas' ulty xD)
  3. Hey guys! I got banned from my other forum so I am coming back to here. I want a fresh start with all of you. Mods feel free to move this to where it fits I just posted in games as that has most viewers. I am much more mature than I used to so I hope I may become your good friends someday.