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Found 13 results

  1. When I first got BattleBlock Theater and started playing it, I set some goals for myself, such as beating Insane mode, and getting a high rank in the leaderboards. What goals did some of you guys make when you were playing the game?
  2. So I was wondering I already own Battle Block Theater and if I bought Castle crashers would i still get the head? I just think it looks cool and I already wanted castle crashers. Please Respond if you know the answer or someone who would.
  3. So I've submitted a ticket twice but It NEVER has sent me a ticket number. Any Ideas on how to fix this?
  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen of the wonderful behemoth forums! I'm happy to announce that a new idea has been created in my head its the battleblock theater championship games! Basically what it is, is a series of different game types like ball game soul snatcher muckle ect. The first 3 people that send me a message on xbox live will get to participate in the CS 0203. And prizes you say? Oh yes the best part the first game that I will hold (which the date has not yet been decided) will be just for honor and there will be no prizes. The second game and on will have prizes ranging from gems to star heads! And when you send me the message to participate say your on the forums tell me your username on here,so I can tell everybody what an awesome boss you are! So get out there and show the battleblock community what your made of! Eligibility: Must own an Xbox 360 Must be on the forums Must have battleblock theater (of course!) Tournament times will be released every time i post that there will be one.i recommend to follow this topic if you would like to see when a tournament is and if you could make it stay fresh
  5. Hello there my fellow Battleblock Theaterians! I would like to announce that I will be giving out badges to players that earn them! (These badges will be posted to the person on this topic and to their profile with the respected badge they have earned) P.S. Some badges will be easier than others to achieve. Have fun badge hunting! Give up to 24 hours for your badge to be rewarded, thank you. Badge Playlist 1 1) Starter Badge Beat the game solo or coop on normal including encores. 2) Insane Badge Beat the game solo or coop on insane including encores. 3) Head-Hunter Badge Collect every square, circle, triangle, and cylinder head through purchase or trading. 4) Weaponry Badge Collect every weapon through purchase or trading. 5) Gem Badge Collect 1000 gems. 6) Greedy Badge Collect 5000 gems. 7) Star Badge Collect 16 of the star heads. 8) Furbottom Badge Be featured on Furbottom's Features. 9) Can You Keep A Secret Badge Find all secret levels in all the chapters. 10) Diva Badge Get an A++ on all the solo or coop levels on normal including encores. 11) Show-Off Badge Get an A++ on all the solo or coop levels on insane including encores. 12) Yarn Ball Badge Collect 72 yarn. 13) Cat Person Badge Collect 140 yarn. 14) Unnecessary Badge Saving a friend and you find the motherload! 15) Hatty Hattington Badge Collect 10000 gems, 1000 yarn, beat the game solo and coop insane mode getting an A++ on all levels insane mode including encores for solo and coop. 16) Creator Badge Publish a playlist of any kind. 17) Badge-Hunter Badge Collect the first 16 badges before this to earn this badge. Badge Playlist 2 18) Battleblock Theater Star Collect all the current start heads that are released at the moment. 19) Ps3guyguy's Badge Beat my coop playlist that was featured before, Mis Adventures. 20) Eyes Badge Wear the head you get when you had to beat the solo or coop playlist when my coop playlist was featured. I will come up with more badges over time and I will take suggestions from you guys, just message me If you have any suggestions for badge types message me them and I will consider them when adding more badges, thank you!
  6. So I wanted to try something new and set up a topic here for everyone to recommend playlists that they enjoy playing that are not their own. This way we can try to point out those fun and inventive playlists to everyone else to try. The playlists can be either story or arena, it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it and think other people will as well. We may want to try and keep developer playlists out of here simply so we can try and raise awareness to good user created content. The developer content is great stuff, but also easy to find on its own. To help keep things a little more structured lets try and include our gamertag, the gamertag of the person who made the playlist, the playlist name, type, and whatever extra info that you want to add about it past that. I'll start things out with my current favorite list to play online: My info: Gamertag: Somedutch Playlist info: Gamertag: BulimianRhapsdy Playlist Name: BlitzBrickArena Type: Arena Mode: It's a full playlist with six king of the hill maps, six basketball maps, and 3 muckle maps So is there anyone else out there that know of good playlists to try? Looking forward to seeing what you all can recommend =)
  7. Finally after a hard day of work in the “theater” you arrived at home…..Welcome Home! Playlist Name: Welcome Home Gamertag: M4dmuffinNL Playlist Type: Solo Adventure After a very long time editing I finally finished my solo story/adventure. I proudly present to you: ---------------Welcome Home--------------- 1. The Nursery Room 2. The Dining Room 3. The Bed Room 4. The Living Room 5. The Kitchen 6. The Garden 7. The Basement 8. The Barn 9. The Garage 10. The Panic Room 11. The Control Room 12. The Bath Room 13. The Attic 14. The Game Room *15. The Toilet *secret level. Before you begin I want you to know…..that it really took a toll on me: sweet, tears, sometimes a little drop of blood but most of all… AMAZING much FUN! Thank you “The Behemoth” for this amazing game + editor tool, I think it really expand the playtime by a thousand times. Also, personally I think I have designed very good levels, with some clever puzzles and trick jumps. The hardest thing for me was to make the levels not too hard but also not too easy. I hope it’s a challenge, not a piece of cake, not a nightmare. I just want to point out some things: My level designs are for every type of player: beginners, advanced and expert players (of course some parts are harder than others). A lot of my levels have an easy route and a more advanced route, sometimes you can even take an expert route. If you are an “expert” you can take a lot of shortcuts or use other obstacles to your advantage. Some of the fresh strawberries can only be taken by advanced trick jumps, but this doesn’t mean a “beginner” can’t finish a level, they still can! I’ve designed all this adventure to play without any tools/weapons! (of course if you like to use some…..go ahead! ) As far as I know, none of my levels can be “broken”. So you don’t have to restart when you get stuck (maybe with a super expert weapon tool trick you can break the level but then it’s your own fault because the routes are not created for that kind of stuff) All levels can be finished with a “A++” All levels are possible to finish with a “A++” without dying. All times are set on the easy routes, so when you finish a level with enough time left, you most likely used a more advanced route/trick jumps. Which level most proud of?.... “The Garage”. It took me some time to figure this one out. I used 6 (linked) teleports without “breaking” the level. Also the way I’ve created it is: for example if you choose the use the easy route you can get enough fresh strawberries to finish the level but you can’t get the fresh strawberries from the medium or hard route. But when, for example, you choose to use the medium route you can get the fresh strawberries from the medium route, but also from the easy route. Only when you choose to use the hard route you can get all the fresh strawberries ……. Delicious……. Fresh…….Strawberries…….Can I also have some fresh pie please? .......Can you find it? Storyline: The storyline of “Welcome Home” is based on a very very…very long story. Long story short: You arrived at home after a hard day of work. Time to relax….Time to Play some BattleBlock Theater or maybe you’re obsessed with it. Maybe you took your work home Well get ready to: Explore “The Garden” to Conquer the “The Attic” or to get FLUSHED through “The Toilet” (YEAH! Flushed, Super Cool )…………Or finally beat every room of the “Game Room”! Tips: Make sure you find the secret level “The Toilet” It’s super the f….art …cool. Make sure you react fast at “The Barn”. Are you fast enough before the door opens? Make sure you get to “The Garage” and pick the way that fits YOU the most. Questions: Any questions about my levels please ask! Feedback: Any suggestions, feedback or if you find problems, please let me know! PS. Please let me know what you think of it! It really took me a lot of time to come with some concepts, puzzles and creative routes for every kind of player. Thank you very much!...Ooh and sorry for any spelling errors/mistakes, it’s still hard from Dutch to English. .....I hope you all enjoy it!
  8. Should the Behemoth wait for the next Gen consoles? Will they? I Personally think they should because the longer we wait the better the game.
  9. I know this is a very pathetic question, but can you make a custom arena level? I'm sure you can, as the blocks for arena game modes are in the level editor, but every time I try to make one it says I need gems and a start for my adventure level. Can someone please tell me how to make one?
  10. Anyone get their invites yet? i haven't checked my email this much in a long time. If you got in you are extremely lucky. I am still patiently waiting for my invite. I have been preparing by watching tons of youtube videos about the game and Dan's speed art! anyone else preparing more than me?
  11. I am off on break and this is my last day so we have school tomorrow which sucks for 2 reasons. 1. This week is going to be the longest week of my life (waiting for beta). 2. Break should have been this week so i could play all day. Anybody have the same issues?
  12. I am registered for the beta and are wondering if that when the beta comes out i could film (make gameplay videos) about the beta, is this allowed?