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Found 1 result

  1. Did the petty amount of Castle Crashers achievements bore you as a completionist? Did you find yourself looking for something else to play after getting all of the achievements in Castle Crashers? Well, I was thinking about these things too as I replayed the campaign on the Steam version of Castle Crashers, and I decided to make a list of what achievements I think would add to the experience of any version of Castle Crashers. I give you.... HENRYO'S EXTENDED CASTLE CRASHERS ACHIEVEMENTS 1. The Sound of Bragging Rights (20 Gamerscore, bronze Trophy) On Ice Castle, reach the end of the ice bridge without taking damage. 2. I am the Blacksmith. (25 Gamerscore, silver Trophy) Collect every weapon in the game. 3. Paying Tribute (15 Gamerscore, bronze Trophy) Complete the game with both Hatty Hattington and Alien Hominid. 4. Dodgeball (20 Gamerscore, bronze Trophy) On Alien Ship, survive the first alien encounter without getting hit once. 5. Insanely Good (50 Gamerscore, gold Trophy) Complete the game on Insane Mode. 6. All for Nothing (15 Gamerscore, bronze Trophy) During the last princess skirmish in a two player match, kill each other at the same time, leaving no one to kiss the princess. 7. Charismatic (25 Gamerscore, silver Trophy) Unlock every character in the game (no DLC required). 8. That Deserves a Trophy (75 Gamerscore, platinum Trophy) Reach level 99 with every character in the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that's all I have for now. I might add more later if I come up with anything else. If you complete one of these achievements, feel free to post a picture or video of you doing so!