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Found 38 results

  1. What is the new game going to be? When will it be released? One thing i hope behemoth gets right is their story, castle crashers was so funny and battle block was my life for a while, i hope they give the narrator for battlebock their own spin off
  2. If Alien Hominid: Invasion is technically a sequel, does that mean that there is a chance for a new Castle Crashers game or maybe a DLC with more levels, characters, weapons, etc. in the future?
  3. Now that Game 4 has been announced it got me thinking about what behemoth have made in the past and come across a theory...What if all the games were in the same universe? My first part of this theory is the timeline. First comes castle crashers, where a great war started with magic wizards and destruction but at the end its all solved by the four knights. (I said spoilers before) Next comes Alien Hominid, now people are more modern where there are better buildings,cars and ect .But an alien has landed making the CIA take it away to prevent people knowing.At the end the fat kid takes the alien and sends him back. Then comes Battle Block Theater.A group of friends go to an island and get trapped in a theater while their best friend Hatty has become possessed by the hat (like the magic from castle Crashers) And at the end, hatty's hat beams up and hits a bear. Then Finally Game 4 (there isnt much info released but ill have to make do) Now the bear from BBT has fell down crashing into the earth causing havoc. Now the explanation:So as the timeline said the first time takes place in the medieval ages while magic is still possible.Its a dark time where there is a great war going on,where many people die but the issue is solved when the villain is killed by the knights.Many years later when people are more modern an alien drops down to earth causing havoc but then is sent back to space (proving anything can happen in this universe)And later on there comes BBT where a group of friends find themselves stuck at an island where they get forced to perform while Hatty gets cursed with the hat (probably with the magic from castle crashers) but he drops into the ocean where his curse is supposedly gone but a green beam of light is shined up and hits a bear,leading up to game 4.In Game 4 the bear has crashed upon the planet causing madness. Now this may seem far fetched but it is open to speculation so leave comments below! P.S this is not based on the pixar theory
  4. Its is once again time to return to the lands of the Behemoth. Dan Paladins kingdom is still in trouble, and unfortunatly for us, his previous brave knights have gone missen. Can YOU step up to the challenge to become the knight that the Behemoth needs? Setting: Rules: Heroes: Current Stats: Mitsuo: Teddy Frogsworth: Leonard: That Dude over There: Xenia:
  5. It's no secret that discord is taking over the internet for all things gaming communication; Skype, Teamspeak, etc. just don't do the job as well as discord can. Today I realized, we still don't have a server for all things The Behemoth. Figuring that should change, I made a server for us. With the community starting to revive, it would be helpful to bring new members here to easily find games and communicate with people from here while they play. That link has unlimited uses and permanent time, so feel free to post it anywhere you would like. Enjoy
  6. If you could have one piece of The Behemoth's merchadise, what would you get? I would get the 10 year aniversary shirt, since it has a lot of characters from all of there games (except PP), and overall is a shirt celabrating a great occasion.
  7. MY IDEA FOR A CHEST SYSTEM In pit people I think it would be a cool idea to add a sort of chest system, This is my version of a chest system. Basically, after a round or a level, you will get the regular drops and a possible chance of a chest, the possibility of getting these would be uncommon to rare in the loot system based on their rank. The chests will have multiple ranks: Peasant, Rare, Legend, and Boss chests. The Peasant, Rare, and Legend chests will be obtained by winning a game along with the other loot, but Boss chests are only obtained by beating highly difficult levels. The chests will be able to be unlocked by buying keys with in-game gold or currency. The keys will be somewhat cheap for the Peasant chest keys a medium amount of gold for the rare chest keys, and a medium amount of gold for the legend chest keys, these will be bought from some sort of mid-game merchant. The boss chests will be free to open. These chests will drop 1-2 cosmetics for characters that you have on your team, the higher the rank of the crate, the higher the tier of the cosmetic. Since behemoth always has their jokes they could add a highly rare chance of getting something called a unusual " Waste of money ". "The waste of money"s would be versions of the cosmetics that are glowing. I think this would be a great addition to the game, as it would add a fun way to get cool things in the game and something for people who have beat the game to collect. But then again, this is a forum page and behemoth has probably added something along the lines of this already. Thanks to anyone who have read this and I wish everyone a good and to summer!
  8. Will Castle Crashers ever be re-released for the Xbox One?
  9. Could be ever get a Bundle of Behemoth Games remastered for Current Gen? Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, and Battle block along with Game 4
  10. Alright welcome to Behemoth RPG! Confused on whats going on? Check the spoilers to understand what is happening in this behemoth world. (A cooler into and such will be added when this thing gets going and I get less lazy. Setting: Rules: Heroes: Come now my mighty warriors! Fight for the glory of the Behemoth!
  11. As the title says, what is your top 3 favorite games? Mine are amnesia: the dark descent, fallout 3 and counter strike: global offensive. EDIT: updated list, Fallout 3, Gmod and Final Fantasy games (the classical turn-based ones).
  12. Here you can see a fun behemoth poll above. It's updated often, so come back for more and more fun!!
  13. Hey guys I really want these heads if you have one or both please comment
  14. How does the ranking system work on here?
  15. just wondering what they are because ive noticed there are rankings. these are the ones i can think of right at the moment, they may not be in order. - advanced member - chicken lover level 1,2,3 and 4 - elder chicken level whatever - and whatever the heck there is left im kinda confused about this stuff so if anyone knows all the ranks and possibly the order that would be verry nice of you. lastly, megan fox's elephant nose can snort up to 5 groundhogs, while george bush can do the same with his Pinocchio nose and snort 7 elephants with the other nostril.
  16. The most beautiful iPhone case I have ever seen! Just thought I'd show it off, because of how nice it looks. Discuss.
  17. So I'm not gonna go on a rant unless a staff member comments, but I got a cool idea for another game involving Honey Hug. I'll explain it if you guys want me to.
  18. So I don't know if this is true but I heard that Microsoft were removing Microsoft points from stores (Example:Walmart, Albertsons) and they were making a new gift card system or something instead. I don't know if this is true but I read it here --><--
  19. This is how I see these prisoners and please feel free to disagree with me. Every game has a selling feature. Essentially, this is what makes the game unique and makes people want to buy it. Star Prisoners are just one of many aspects of this game that makes BattleBlock Theatre unique. Players have obsessing with them to the point where finding a good game is even rarer than any Star prisoner. Star prisoners were most likely added to the game to make the game more interesting, give the game a selling feature, and to 'push' the players to go once a week. The game is interesting enough, the game has more than enough other selling features to survive, and if you buy a game and only play it once a week, you are not getting your money's worth and it is quite pathetic. However, they are fun to collect. Do not think of the Star prisoners as the reason for playing, rather just one of MANY reasons to turn on your Xbox 360, scroll over to the arcade section, and click the 'A' button whilst hovering over BattleBlock Theatre. Each picture of a Star prisoner displays the following text, "For a limited time only." This means that at some point, after a re-release, ALL Star prisoners will become unavailable through the features. Most likely, you will end up paying Microsoft points to purchase a certain quantity of prisoners at some point in the distant future, assuming you do not already have them all. Finally, this use of the term 'rare' has been flying around lately and it is being associated with Star prisoners incorrectly. Rarity has nothing do with opinion, date of release, quality, how it was released, or votes in a poll. This term simply refers to how the Star prisoners, in this case, are distributed throughout the players. Re-releases usually eliminate this rarity and there is no reason to complain about. Just because you received Winston when he initially was released, does not give you any right or reason to complain about his rarity being destroyed from the re-release. What if you never got Winston? You would not be complaining and, in fact, be happy that you now have him. It is a biased argument. For some of you, this was common sense. This is for the players that just did not get it. Thanks for reading.
  20. Who else is waiting for dlc for Battleblock? i decided it would be fun to start a thread and show you guys some of my ideas for dlc's and read some of yours every time i go on the forums. My ideas are Idea 1: Candy Island The friends are on a boat and the circle head character is wearing a captains helmet and the narrator is saying things like "wow what an uneventful journey" and then everything spirals out of control and a pirate gang boards their ship. The circle head tries to talk to the other captain and they make their way to the candy island (like the narrators comment in the begging of the game) when you get there the first chapter is on the deck of the ship and the enemies wear pirate hats and everything is wooden. after that everything is retextured like candy blocks and maybe chocolate cats or cats that are made out of some kind of candy. later the group discovers that the pirates found hatty's hat and they covered it with chocolate. They jokingly wear it and they get possessed like hatty and start building a second theater on candy island. Each Dlc would have 4 chapters and the 4th chapter would be in the construction of the second theater and you have to destroy the theater and save Candy island. Also after every dlc you would get a star character and a new weapon: Star Head: Gingerbread Head Weapon: Gumdrops (you place them down and when a enemy gets near it they blow up) Please give constructive criticism -Will edit more ideas later- Post your ideas please - Max
  21. Mine is Rammy, and I love how he knocks your enemies over. He is also adorable! Here is a Picture! Post pictures with your favorite Animal Orbs if you want to! (I IN NO WAY OWN ANY OF THIS! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN!!)
  22. So, yesterday i got paid and went to my local Wal-Mart and i bought a 1,600 Microsoft points card. I was gonna get BBT but is it worth it? I have it right now and just redeemed it, so should i buy BBT?
  23. I was plaing BattleBlock Theater and my internet turned off when i turned my internet back on all my heads plus my trophy were gone i dont know if you can find a way to get my heads back please help
  24. Put any Motto's or Jingles you've heard of or just make one up. Burlington, Brag about it!
  25. Put any Motto's or Jingles you've heard of or just make one up. Burlington, Brag about it!