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Found 21 results

  1. yugo657


    So I've been playing the Overwatch beta all day yesterday and today. I'm loving it. Anyone else have the chance to play it? What are your thoughts? Game's out: it's freakin' great!
  2. I can just tell you when I found out I wasn't in the beta for BBT I was heartbroken,litteraly my hear sank. So I was wondering when Game 4 comes out will there be another beta. NOTE: ONLY BEHEMOTH EMPLOYEES COMMENT
  3. So if you didn't see it they just announced that Steam beta testers of BBT will be receiving the FULL GAME for free on day of release. (also release date is May 15th)
  4. Okay so I was on steam and I got a friend request from some guy and I accepted it he was playing BBT (I told him he wasn't supposed to be playing it because the beta had ended and he replied "Oh") He then invited me to a trade and gave me the Duck Shark Head then ended the trade, which I then looked up to find out its a star head.
  5. Yup. Just as the headline states, we stopped the registrations earlier today! We've reviewed all the registrants and sent out emails to all accepted Beta Testers. Please check your inboxes and spam folders to see if you were selected. Sometimes mass emails do not arrive right away, but all Beta Testers should know by the end of the weekend. Thank you again to everyone who signed up, even if we weren't able to accommodate all registrants. We appreciate your interest in helping us out and look forward to everyone playing the game soon. -Megan, Community Captain
  6. I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in "Technical Issues," or here, but I picked here. So, I registered for the BBT Beta and got the confirmation email saying that I was in fact going to participate for the beta, but I figured out around this time that the cruise I was going on over spring break took up the exact days that the beta covered. Knowing I couldn't participate, and resisting the temptation to get the beta anyways, I unsubscribed to the email, just like it said to. Now, I have heard that the Behemoth is reconsidering their start date for the beta, so I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, I could get back into the emails and participate?
  7. Okay so I signed up for the beta during the first 1-3 hours the video announcing it was posted on youtube and the beta sign up was a bit different than it is now, my main concern being that you can now add your steam nickname and not just account during sign up.My steam name and account name are different so now that this option has been added can i re-submit or am I supposed to hope that I am not skipped over because I can't be found?
  8. Hey, I really hate to bother anyone, and I don't want to sound braggy, but I got into the Battle Block Theater beta, and I was told to go to the Private beta forums-area, but I cant seem to find it. Can any of you other beta guys help me out?
  9. I would like to test my finish playlist with a full room of players before I upload it (so I don't need to do v2 stuff). I'm looking for constructive criticism on each level, so write down any pros and cons after each pair of three levels, then when we play all 15 collect your thoughts and post them in this thread without giving too much away to the unaware; I would like to keep my ideas a secret until I upload it to the community portal. I am on right now. My gamertag is the same as my username here. If we can't get enough right now we can try a later date. I have off from work Tuesday but hopefully we can play before that during the nights.
  10. So the new Dungeons & Dragons Mmo by perfect world is now in open beta. It's a pretty cool game and has a lot of interesting features. The gameplay is very similiar to the diablo gameplay without top-down camera and for an mmo it's quite refreshening. For those that haven't played diablo or tera, it has a limited amount of abilities but the mouse buttons are used for combat and instead of simply selecting a target and casting spells you need to keep your cursor on your target and actually time your abilities, blocks and combat moves. Some of the new "gimmicks" are: -Rolling your stats: you need to roll dice to see what your stats will be. -Extensive customisation: from armor dyes to length of fingernails (really) -All armor shows on character: that includes neclaces, trinkets and rings that aren't shown in other mmo's -Extensive professions: You command your workers what to do/craft etc. -Origins, Background information, Religious Choices and a Full Biography are used in the game -And from what I've gathered, you can design quests for others. Also, according to the press preview the graphical quality of the game should be revolutionary for mmo's but it's turned to down to what is apparently the minimum (but still looks great) for the beta to cope with the constant changes being made and how that affects the servers.
  11. Dear sirs, and madams!? So this is more of a question for the behemoth crew then a remark about the game but. THE GAME IS AWESOME!? thanks. I Love The voiceover in the cutscenes . So on to the serious stuffs and whatnot, I played the game for quite a few hours now. And I noticed I have more than 50 heads unlocked, but the Jail Breaker achievement did not trigger for me . Also I played all the variants of story mode, but could not get the Cast Member Reward, which is a major shame since i really want the Hatty hat on my avatar . What up with this Behemoth? I have to make a note that i played in the beta, deleted all the crap like you said but the real game took my profile like it sjwass and put my already gotten heads and weapons onto my game when i first started it. this might be the reason that the game is not triggering the achievements. CAN YOU HELP ME POLEASE? cheers, Pauly
  12. Is it too late to sign up for the beta? D: I heard about it yesterday. So does it mean i can't sign up? :c
  13. Is it about time to give up hoping for an email?
  14. Does anybody have a link to the IGN contest to get beta access? It was mentioned in the devblog, but I don't see it. Or has it not been posted yet?
  15. I have some questions that I want to ask because I really don't want to get in trouble since this is my favorite game. Who can I tell about the game? Like I have a little brother that is super excited about this game, I didn't want to tell him about the beta because I don't want to give his hopes up if I don't get in. Is it okay to play with family or friends? Will the beta end when those event days end? What features will be in the closed beta, such as story, multiplayer, or level editor?
  16. Anyone get their invites yet? i haven't checked my email this much in a long time. If you got in you are extremely lucky. I am still patiently waiting for my invite. I have been preparing by watching tons of youtube videos about the game and Dan's speed art! anyone else preparing more than me?
  17. Can we be expecting the level editor (even a rough build of it) to be included with the beta? Dying to get my hands on the editor almost as much as the game itself.
  18. Hear ye, Hear ye! We call volunteers for our BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta Test! We have 10,000 fresh backstage passes and we're not afraid to give them out!! Do you want one? Can you smell it? Does this delight you? Are you not entertained? Will you sit idly by and watch as your friends do battle amongst each other!? - Cue the important information : This is a closed beta. EDIT: Beta testing will start February 28, 2013. You must be at least 13 years old to participate. Under 18? Then you’ll need to have your parents help with registration. Registrants must have the following: A working Xbox 360 with a reliable internet connection, Xbox LIVE Gold Account and a Behemoth forums account. Individuals should register after reading all documents under Required Reading and be sure that they can fulfill the Prerequisites. 10,000 registrants will be selected to participate. Registration is ongoing until all beta codes have been distributed. Are you interested? Okay! Here's what I require from your person: You will need to read all the documents in the required reading section and be able to fulfill the prerequisites to qualify; check out all the beta details and fill out the registration form HERE. 2013 will be the year of BattleBlock Theater! Or BattleBlock Theatre! If that's your flavour. P.S. Anyone registering a new forum account will not be able to change their profiles right away. "Users fall under the new registration group permissions until you have made three approved posts. We limit the features for new registrations to prevent spammers from flooding the forums with advertisements. Newly registered users will be able to reply to topics, but the post will not be visible until a moderator has approved the post. Once you have three approved posts, the system will automatically change your group permission to the active member permissions. Members are able to post, create threads, create polls, vote on polls, use private messages and change their profile & signature."
  19. Ok so i wasnt sure if i signed up correctly the last time since i was in a hurry(i signed up about 2 weeks ago)so i signed up again today with full on correct information.Do you guys think i might still have a chance to get in the closed beta?