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Found 1 result

  1. From Sup Erc Ell, comes a mobile game of mind bending strategy and.... Patience, lots and lots of patience. THE SUPER INTENSE GAME OF TAPPING AND WAITING. ​Information for all you Clash of Clans players Many of you people may say "ZOMG CLASH 'O CLANZ IS ZO MUCHO BETTAH LEL!!!!!!?!?!!!!1!1" Well, if you're going to type something like that, disregard this thread. fer teh boom beecheerz onlie. pls no clish o claanz. Information for n00bs Interested? Well, its not to hard to get started. It's a free app, and not as much as a pay2win one like Clash of Clans or other games. Though it's convenient to have a few gems once and a while, they aren't really the necessity. Here's to wiki: Here's probably the best collection of videos I can find explaining basics: THIS IS A GENERAL DISCUSSION FOR THE GAME