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Found 4 results

  1. There is no music when I start the campaign on Nintendo Switch.
  2. On the puppet boss in lava world I completely stopped moving at one point and now can’t do anything with the character, but I can freely navigate the menu without a problem. I also seem to not be able to get hit at all.
  3. Alright, so my game has a bug in it, and I don't really know how to fix it. It didn't have this bug for a long time, so I think it showed up pretty recently. This bug is in the Home Castle level, basically level 1. I can make progress and beat up every single Barbarian I see. No problem there. The problem comes when I try to enter the castle shop from there, as in, I can't. I'm certain I beat all the Barbarians before I tried. The door refuses to let me through for some reason or another. This is the first time I've had this bug. Before, I could progress just fine. I don't know when precisely it showed up, but it is here now.
  4. Last bug report said there was a desync glitch,yet it was fixed by resetting the connection. Today,that happened again. BUT it didn't happened on other maps. Today we played it again,with my sister who also owns CC,in same house. (so there is NO POSSIBLE CAUSES related to network problems) Network was really fine,no lag occurred anyway. We picked Alien Ship level,because it was needed to unlock further maps. Same thing happened again. Right after the timer started,the desync glitch occurred(3 second delay). While my sister is playing like normal on her computer,she was deactivating the force field(or laser curtain). But at the same time on my computer,I already deactivated it and I was preceeding to steam pipe part. So the timer here ran out,and I lost the game,but on my sister's computer,she was having 4 seconds left. She didn't had any lag,nor her computer's LAN card is bad. I am sure this is a bug,because on other maps,it didn't happened. If this is common on this part,please tell me the link to the solution! Cheers, SB98