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Found 18 results

  1. We’ve had this game for months. And since the very beginning we cannot play it in multiplayer mode. We called Nintendo support and they said they couldn’t do anything, until the creators fixed it. We’ve been trying multiple times but as soon as we press local play, the first player can move but the second one is unable to move at all. It can only jump and hit. Please help, we’ve been trying to play this game for a long time!
  2. There is no music when I start the campaign on Nintendo Switch.
  3. After a random online 1v1 match in the pit, the game rewarded me with an absurd amount of 85 gold rewards for some reason. It added up to around 8000g. My team consisted of a human with a tiny shield and mace, a human with medium sword and heavy shield, a human with medium shield and heavy sword, a cyclops with fudgsicle (whatever the highest weapon category is called) and medium shield, and a human with baby sharks. The other player had 4 explosive ranged humans and two pairs of kobolds if that's useful.
  4. Hello behemoth! Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, for some reason this is the only one I'm allowed to post in. I'm playing co-op with a friend and twice now a character he has captured for me and then traded to me upon returning home has disappeared and never been added to my fighters even though the mail thing shows me they've been sent. Both characters were unique characters he already had so we were thinking maybe he wasn't allowed to catch an additional one and that's why they disappeared? It was the Sultan of Shivers and Major McDynamo. Hunted for these characters for a while so it was really disappointing to catch them and still not get them.
  5. I win the boss level (in stage 5) with A++ and A. But when I pause the game, the scores change to A and A. When I resume the game the score shows again normally (A++ and A)
  6. So, I noticed probably about 2 weeks ago, that in BattleBlock Theater, I haven't gotten all of the lights lit on the light panel. Apparently, each one of those lights represents an achievement, but I have all 30 achievements -- 400 MSP -- in the game. To make sure, I checked each mission to make I wasn't missing anything (I've earned an A++ on every single level, Solo/Co-Op, Normal/Insane), but I wasn't. I figured that what I was doing was the wrong way to light that first light up, but soon found out that it was a bug. I was then told to make a thread here, in the Technical Issues forum. Here are some screenshots of my game to help give you an idea of what has happened: If someone could let me know what this is all about and might be able to help me out, please tell me. Thanks.
  7. When I finally finished my Playlist in battleblock theater for the arena play contest I uploaded it and its gone! I came here for instructions to see if I can find it in the community theater but nothing was there I searched my name and playlist name but nothing appeared. you guys can try. My playlist is Epic Arena or Epic arena and my gamertag is ProAM1999
  8. Hi, ok, first I will apologize for my english. I'm playing this game 2 week ago on steam (PC). I'm actually 4th on the balloon mode and trying to be first cause in 'STORY MODE' the first one and others too on top 10 have gem for 0 hours played. After, How we can see all playerlist ranking in balloon mode, I found only Story mode. When you host, you cannot kick people, yesterday I played 174 round with one guy, everytime AFK because I was winning easy 1vs1 or 1vs2. Sometimes it's happens 3vs1. I finished the story mode, but I'm not winning any gems now. Doesn't matter normal mode or extrem mode. This is not good I wanted to finished all level with A++ but without winning nothing, NO. I'm playing with keyboard and mouse and when I click on mouse sometime it's buggy I'm running running running in fullscreen ar windowed it's the same. Best Regards ....
  9. BUG BBT.7z Weird visual glitch and hitbox? bug. Could Interact with the hitbox (it's the invisible part) and not the image... file is all f12 screenshots I took. we just started up a multiplayer campaign and then this happened. Can't explain it other than a bug. Please move this if it need to be moved. Pictures are in the 7z zip folder.
  10. I noticed a weird background bug/glitch in Battle Block Theater. I found it awhile back and I don't know what's happening, and not many people notice it or even know about it. Can someone explain what's happening? Steps on how to see it... 1: Obtain the Siren star head in Battle Block Theater and equip it. This works with other heads outlines, but the visual error works best with the Siren because of its design. 2: Go to the main menu in Battle Block Theater and go to options. It will appear as a question mark icon. 3: In options, go to "Player Stats." It will appear as a clipboard icon. 4: In Player Stats, you can compare your heads, rank, etc. In your box where your stats is, it should show your character. If you are the Siren head, the glass part of the head will show the main menu background in it moving around. It looks like someone cut a hole in the screen. NOTE: If your character is not the Siren head, play an online game an exit out and check again. It should update. I have no idea why it does that. If someone can explain that would be helpful. Even though this is not a major bug, it is odd why it does that. Also for Mods, I put this in Technical Issues because it is a bug, if this needs to be moved please move. Thank you.
  11. I'm not sure if there already is a thread on this or not, but if you haven't heard of a glitch in BattleBlock Theater that allows you to get a movable block through a cloud block, I can tell you all about it. As a little preview, you can watch this video I made demonstrating how this glitch works as well as giving you a tutorial in the description of the video: Since I have a pretty good explanation in the video description, plus I'm kind of lazy , I'll just copy it to here... "Tutorial for how to get a movable block through a cloud in BattleBlock Theater: For bringing a movable block up, through a cloud, allow your character to grab the movable such that the movable is almost perfectly aligned with its block-column. When ready, just jump, grab, then let go of the movable and you should have the movable above the cloud you brought it towards. For bringing a movable block through the side of a cloud, you'll first need the movable adjacent with the cloud. Next, have your character a bit past the center of the cloud, opposite side from the movable, and just grab it. You should be holding the movable and can now slide it out to any side."
  12. Odd, when I went to check my community playlist ratings today I noticed 1 of my playlists appear to be missing. My adjusted set of co-op levels Mindbenderplus1 is no where to be found. Uploaded April 21 around 3:30 pm PST, shortly after Mindbender Plus (which is still there) because there were some bugs that needed adjusting. Not a huge deal because I can upload again from my back-up any time, but I wanted to make sure this wasn't happining to others. Reason for the title level(s) is it seems other co-op playlists are also gone. I'm not 100% sure since I don't remember specific playlist names but I thought there was more than 1 in the co-op the Behemoth favorites heading.
  13. So I stumbled accross a bug today, I just got to world 8 and the hub was different so I decided to go check it around. Then I noticed that the final level was already unlocked without doing any of the other levels. Naturally I went in and completed it. This is obviously a bug and It would probably ruin the game for other people if they didn't know. Also I didn't get the silver trophy, not sure wether you need to do all the main levels to get that or It just glitched and I never recieved it? Anyway here's an image for proof.
  14. So I finally got around to finishing the last two chapters today. The only problem is once I got to chapter 7 the finale was already unlocked and It said I had an A on it. I noticed this when I finshed 7-1, I got the Green X stamp but the finale already had the green X. Same with chapter 8. I even got the Hats Off achievement before I finished the other 9 levels. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  15. Hi there, I completed the story mode this evening on Normal difficulty, and unlocked the 'Hats Off' achievement for doing so after finising the last Finale. However after completing the last regular level, I did not also recieve the 'Solo Star' achievement. I checked each of the progress indicators outside of the Chapter doors, and it appears that level 5-8 within Chapter 5 is not registered as being completed. I originally had a B ranking on this level, however I went back in and have now upgraded this to an A++ to try and get it to register, but have still had no luck. I hadn't done any of the Encores in this chapter yet, so upon finishing the first of those, the screen where Hatty ticks off each door you've completed appears, and 5-8 was indeed ticked on there. Any help would be much appreciated. I can provide screenshots of both the progress bar outside the chapter door, as well as my A++ rank on the level itself if required. PS - I love the game. Thanks.
  16. Hey Behemoth, I've come across a bug in Castle Crashers during the Parade Level (where the wedding carriage chase scene takes place). Game: Castle Crashers Platform: Xbox 360 Gamertag: Dudemeister213 Bug Name: Jumping Freeze Glitch Severity: Moderate Jumping on carriage and taking damage at the peak of a jump will freeze players in place and make them invincible. The player is unable to move, melee attack, magic attack, or use items, but can pause the game. Melee or magic damage received from any enemy (other than the boss) will trigger the glitch. Have not had the opportunity to be hit by an enemy arrow, but believe it will have the same effect. Player is unable to move, melee attack, magic attack, use items, or enter the pause menu. Results in other players having to defeat the boss or the Xbox 360 to be turned off. Attempts to replicate the glitch are successful only 10% of the time. Affects all tested characters: Mechanic Green Knight Red Knight Orange Knight I've also attached a reference picture (Mechanic is the frozen character).
  17. This bug is a new one. So, in the places with all the weapons, there are two extra sections for weapons after the section with the Demon Sword. What's even weirder is that there's a weapon in one of the sections that I have no recollection of getting. It looks like a bat, though it looks different from the Club and Rat Beating Bat, and it's stats are +2 Defense and +2 Agility, different from every other weapon in the game. Nobody else on the internet seems to have had this problem. Do I have a unique weapon that only exists in my game or something?
  18. Hi everybody, new to the forum, old to the game. Got bored, decided to do a playthrough as brute (PS3). Anyways, I don't add stats to strength (some may know why) which caused like 19 points being idle. I leveled up again, and I noticed I didn't receive a point. Kept leveling, got to level 78 (stats cap) and I maxed out strength. Problem was, one point missing. Leveled to 79, no point. Now, with a level 99 brute without full stats, looks pretty stupid. Can anybody help or do I have to live with it? Thanks.