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Found 4 results

  1. There is no music when I start the campaign on Nintendo Switch.
  2. I was doing a Challenge-game in BattleBlock Theater. At the end, (I won every 3 levels) when I got "famous", he left the game. In my Leaderboard it says "27 Wins, 3 defeats" But I never lost a game.... At the last game it says 27 Wins (0 defeats)... And I think If I dont say that, it will never be fixed.
  3. Hi, ok, first I will apologize for my english. I'm playing this game 2 week ago on steam (PC). I'm actually 4th on the balloon mode and trying to be first cause in 'STORY MODE' the first one and others too on top 10 have gem for 0 hours played. After, How we can see all playerlist ranking in balloon mode, I found only Story mode. When you host, you cannot kick people, yesterday I played 174 round with one guy, everytime AFK because I was winning easy 1vs1 or 1vs2. Sometimes it's happens 3vs1. I finished the story mode, but I'm not winning any gems now. Doesn't matter normal mode or extrem mode. This is not good I wanted to finished all level with A++ but without winning nothing, NO. I'm playing with keyboard and mouse and when I click on mouse sometime it's buggy I'm running running running in fullscreen ar windowed it's the same. Best Regards ....
  4. This has happened about three times so far and i'm pretty sure it'll happen again. For instance when I'm pwning someone on ball game, they usually rage quit - but on three different occasions when an a opponent i'm facing quits, I have to deal with the loses. With "connection with other players was lost. The game has ended." Please fix this. :[