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Found 1 result

  1. In case some of you don't know what this is, fan fiction is pretty much when a fan writes a story about the fan-base but it is considered FICTIONAL. That's what this, expect I'm taking the normal Castle Crashers Trilogy and re-writing it (Original credit given to the Behemoth) so it may have some parts that are actually in-game, but not all of them. (Stuff might be in a different order or setting.) It will include custom Knights, Kings, Princesses, etc. Something in this you may notice is that they will actually include NAMES. This is probably more deep and mind twisting then the original, but try to keep up! There are not many of these on the forums so make sure to read! Please share and questions/comments on THIS TOPIC. Introduction: My name, is Christopher Felix. Rank Soldier in the King's army, and trusted by many. I'm considered, well, a 'Hero' I guess. But the thing is, I'm only 15. A while back the King started accepting more Knights so I signed up. (I was 13.) Stupidly, someone wrote on the poster that there was no age limit. So I had the freedom to join. After getting accepted I saved a few lives, killed a few dudes. But the main story is where it all begins, in the barracks. I sat there with my fellow Soldiers, looking cool, nothing new. Before I get into this, let me explain the ranking system. It goes Peasants, Workers, Troops, Soldiers, Knights, Princesses, and then the King of course. The Troops and Soldiers, the Gray Knights, had no magic. Therefore they were not qualified for the rank Knight, which now they have four of. (Not Much.) I love my job, but sometimes I just wish I was a Knight...