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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and welcome to... ~The Official National Day Calender Thread!~ On this thread I will be posting what national days are coming up so if The Behemoth are going to release any star heads you can be ready if you see a day you think they might release one. If you guys have any questions or concerns you can post below or message me. What you can talk about on this thread: -You can talk about upcoming national days. -You can talk about heads you think may be coming out on a certain day. -You can post below and ideas you may have, any ideas, creativity is loved. -Anything else to talk about on the topic just nothing derogatory towards another person and no bad mouthing other people, other peoples' ideas, and/or the topic at hand please, thank you. -Suggested by Backup Sidekick which is a good idea: How would/do you celebrate these days? If you do celebrate any. Hope you guys enjoy the thread! Credit to FOXFRAGON for giving a link to the national day calender! Shoutout to you! Note: I will update this page a day from the next month replacing the current month with all the national days of the next month. For example: I will be replacing every November national day on this thread with every national day in December a day from December. November, 2013 November 1, 2013 -National All Saints Day -National Give Up Your Shoulds Day -National Author's Day -National Family Literacy Day -National Go Cook For Your Pets Day -National Prime Meridian Day -National World Vegan Day November 2, 2013 -National All Soul's Day -National Cookie Monster Day -National Look for Circles Day -National Deviled Egg Day -National Plan Your Epitaph Day November 3, 2013 -National Cliche Day -National Give Someone a Dollar Toady Day -National Housewife Day -National Sandwich Day November 4, 2013 -National King Tut Day -National Candy Day -National Chicken Lady Day -National Waiting For The Barbarians Day -National Use Common Sense Day November 5, 2013 -National Commercial TV Broadcast Day -National Guy Fawkes Day (National Gunpowder Day) November 6, 2013 -National Basketball Day -International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict -Marooned Without A Compass Day -National Nachos Day -National Saxophone Day November 7, 2013 -National Hug A Bear Day -International Tongue Twister Day -National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day -National Men Make Dinner Day -Notary Public Day November 8, 2013 -National Abet and Aid Punsters Day -National Cook Something Bold Day -National Dunce Day -National Parents As Teachers Day -National X-Ray Day November 9, 2013 -National Go To An Art Museum Today Day -National Chaos Never Dies Day -National Scrapple Day November 10, 2013 -National Area Code Day -National Forget-Me-Not Day -National Vanilla Cupcake Day -National Sesame Street Day -National USMC Day November 11, 2013 -National Air Day -National Death/Duty Day -National Sundae Day -National Origami Day -National Veterans Day November 12, 2013 -National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day -National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day November 13, 2013 -National Actor's Day -National Indian Pudding Day -National Mom's and Dad's Day -National Sadie Hawkins Day -National Start A Rumor Day -National World Kindness Day November 14, 2013 -International Girls Day -National Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day -National American Teddy Bear Day -National Pickle Day -National Spicy Guacamole Day -National Operating Room Nurse Day -National World Diabetes Day November 15, 2013 -National America Recycles Day -National American Enterprise Day -National I Love to Write Day -National Bundt Day -National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day -National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day -National Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day November 16, 2013 -National Have a Party With Your Bear Day -International Day for Tolerance -National Button Day -National Fast Food Day November 17, 2013 -National Homemade Bread Day -National Farm Joke Day -National Take A Hike Day -National Unfriend Day -National The Little Mermaid Day -National World Peace Day -National World Prematurity Day November 18, 2013 -National Married To A Scorpio Support Day -National Mickey Mouse Day -National Push-Button Phone Day -National Useless Stuff Day -National William Tell Day November 19, 2013 -National Equal Opportunity Day -International Men's Day -National Blow Bagpipes Day -National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day -National Have a Bad Day Day -National Play Monopoly Day -National World Toilet Day November 20, 2013 -National Africa Industrialization Day -National Alascattalo Day -National Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day -National Name Your PC Day -National Absurdity Day -National Peanut Butter Fudge Day -National Universal Children's Day November 21, 2013 -National False Confession Day -National World Hello Day -National World Television Day November 22, 2013 -National Go For a Ride Day -National Humane Society Anniversary Day -National Start Your Own Country Day November 23, 2013 -National Dr. Who Day -National Eat a Cranberry Day -National Fibonacci Day -National Adoption Day -National Cashew Day -National Espresso Day November 24, 2013 -National Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day -National D.B. Cooper Day -National Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day November 25, 2013 -International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day -National Parfait Day -National Shopping Reminder Day November 26, 2013 -National Cake Day November 27, 2013 -National Bavarian Cream Pie Day -National Pins And Needles Day -National Turtle Adoption Day November 28, 2013 -National Make Your Own Head Day -National French Toast Day -National Red Planet Day -Thanksgiving Day November 29, 2013 -National Electronic Greeting Card Day -International Day of Solidarity With The Palestinian People Day -National Square Dance Day November 30, 2013 -National Computer Security Day -National Meth Awareness Day -National Mousse Day -National Stay At Home Because You're Well Day -National Perpetual Youth Day I know some of these sound ridiculous but I just thought I would throw in every national day to be safe, don't want another Hooshmand The Wise incident. Man I have no life...