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Found 10 results

  2. We’ve had this game for months. And since the very beginning we cannot play it in multiplayer mode. We called Nintendo support and they said they couldn’t do anything, until the creators fixed it. We’ve been trying multiple times but as soon as we press local play, the first player can move but the second one is unable to move at all. It can only jump and hit. Please help, we’ve been trying to play this game for a long time!
  3. My life will never be complete until there is a Castle Crashers 2, is there a possibility that castle crashers 2 will ever happen? 1 was really good and I played it as a youngin' and it is to date one of my favorite game
  4. Hello! So a friend recently told me you can actually transfer your characters from the Xbox 360 version of the game to the remastered version. I was very excited about this, but when I opened the old version of the game I was shocked to see they were all level 1. Any help? Or is this forum dead on the Castle Crashers topic?
  5. Hello i would ask can we make a game called castle crashers with 2D and It would be awesome but.. it had more weapons and other bosses and little bit bigger maps that would be my wish if you can do Castle Crashers 2
  6. I got castle crashers to celebrate Christmas. I have to say, I am a little disappointed when it comes to the fact there is pretty much no variety whenever people pick characters on multiplayer. Translation: THE ONLY CHARACTERS PEOPLE PICK ARE BLUE KNIGHT, RED KNIGHT, AND INDUSTRIALIST. Come on people, at least try to pick something new. Oh wait, they did: the fencer. Seriously. I currently play as hatty and Conehead-two characters I unfortunately don't see often. I don't mean to point fingers at people, but guides all around the net state that the RKN, BKN, Industrialist, and Fencer are probably to blame. To anyone out there trying out "different" characters, I salute you. Thank you for your time. EDIT: Green Knight was my first, because hey, Master Chief is green, and honestly, who doesn't like being the only one that can control poison? ( plus I heard that he is Dan P's favorite character.)
  7. Hey guys, with the League of Ninjas in battleblock theater, I was thinking that we needed our own Castle Crashers clan. Xbox or PS3, it doesn't matter because this is just a group for people who are either good at normal, insane, arena or AYCQuaff. Post your gamertag or PSN and you can tell us your lifetime wins or your level characters. The minimum requirement for the divisions are: 15 white skulls = story normal 1 gold skull (not level skipped) = story insane 50 ranked wins = Arena 40 ranked wins = AYCQuaff Story Mode (Normal): Industrial Knight/Hallow Fighter (XBL) Story Mode (Insane): SWag Bbq (XBL) trickster2599 (PSN) Zephyr (PSN) MmayhemM (PSN) Arena (Ranked): xNarwhalNinjax (XBL) Zephyr (PSN) All you can Quaff (Ranked):
  8. In all honesty if Castle Crashers came to PS4 I would buy it again along with the DLC, same goes with Battleblock Theater I'd buy it again but not including DLC cause it doesn't have any lol, it'd just be nice to play them again and go through it and what-not on a newer system that could run it even better than efore (and it already ran fantastically), I'm just saying is all it probably won't happen. I've been gone for a long time lol.
  9. Add the forgotten knight please!!!!!! Vote!;_ylt=A0PDodejon1Q4DMA33ftFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?∋=117&no=22&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=12j9rg4lt&sigb=13tnk7vf9&sigi=12upt0sg7&.crumb=sRy8wQR5ByB I did not make this character and I don't own any rights to this character I just want the behemoth to add the forgotten knight to castlecrashers
  10. Who else is waiting for dlc for Battleblock? i decided it would be fun to start a thread and show you guys some of my ideas for dlc's and read some of yours every time i go on the forums. My ideas are Idea 1: Candy Island The friends are on a boat and the circle head character is wearing a captains helmet and the narrator is saying things like "wow what an uneventful journey" and then everything spirals out of control and a pirate gang boards their ship. The circle head tries to talk to the other captain and they make their way to the candy island (like the narrators comment in the begging of the game) when you get there the first chapter is on the deck of the ship and the enemies wear pirate hats and everything is wooden. after that everything is retextured like candy blocks and maybe chocolate cats or cats that are made out of some kind of candy. later the group discovers that the pirates found hatty's hat and they covered it with chocolate. They jokingly wear it and they get possessed like hatty and start building a second theater on candy island. Each Dlc would have 4 chapters and the 4th chapter would be in the construction of the second theater and you have to destroy the theater and save Candy island. Also after every dlc you would get a star character and a new weapon: Star Head: Gingerbread Head Weapon: Gumdrops (you place them down and when a enemy gets near it they blow up) Please give constructive criticism -Will edit more ideas later- Post your ideas please - Max