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Found 7 results

  1. U-Knighted

    Xbox 360?

    So, me and my friend love BBT, it brings us together for a nice friendly... DEATH BY CAT. Anyway, I've heard that the Behemoth is only releasing this on Xbox one and steam. I was happy to hear that they were ad least releasing it on steam, but neither me or my friend have an Xbox one. (We have a 360.) Not many other Behemoth members do either. The reason for me or my friend not having one, is because none of our old games would work on it. I guess I would consider getting one in the future, (1,000,000 years from now when it becomes cheap.) but not right at this moment. My friend doesn't have a computer (I know, pretty sad.) but he has a tablet to browse the web and stuff. So, he can't get steam and play multiplayer with me. Also, we can't do split-screen without an Xbox one. And I don't want to be gaming on Game 4 alone. Its only fun with friends. (But not random people on steam.) So, Behemoth, I would be really happy if you would release this new Game on Xbox 360. And I think others would agree.
  2. I swear this is a cat... im probobly going to end up like scott cawthon some day Sorry for the low resolution, I work in 24x48 so it turns out small Edit: I was just trying to make the frog orb, stopped halfway through, and decided it was better as a hat I also enlarged it and kinda shaded it Another edit: I have enlarged it even more and shaded it even more, I might be working on this for awhile. this is now my art page, where I post pixelated stuff, you can request things, but theres no guarantee that I will make it And the lines around everything
  3. (Sorry to Cat Guard for kind of copying his idea, but I really wanted to make this.) Castle Crashers remastered is coming to Xbox one and eventually steam, and I'm not that hyped about it. There isn't many new things. So here's the place you can add in some suggestions to maybe ask for. But, I doubt any of this will get read, so take note of that. A few suggestions to get the ball rolling: A stable trading system, a horse racing mini game, and giving the fencer bombs.
  4. Before Battle Block Theater was released, in the pre-release images, there were cat heads in the game that have not been released in the full version of the game. Here is some early game footage of the heads... ( Sorry that there so big, I tried to shrink them but it wouldn't work.) Could these be released in the future, or are they cut from the finale game? People say Thebehemoth teased about releasing future cat heads but I haven't found any proof. (If you find proof that they teased about releasing them tell me so I can update this.) Could these be the cat heads they were supposly teasing about? Also what do you think about the cat heads? If they don't make it into the game maybe there will be a future dlc on them if there popular. Also there was another head that was in the pre-release and not in the finale cut as we know of so far. There is no information on this head that I found.
  5. Official Cat Guard Report on Prisoner S#~%,~€£ Someone has smeared the rest of the name. This prisoner appears to be taller, but that is unconfirmed, as he is seen rarely. He seems to like mocking us and "narrating" us and the prisoners by constantly throwing poo-jokes at us, saying "MYEAH SEE", etc. He likes to annoy the prisoners, which will only make them rage or laugh. If they laugh, the prisoners will take things easier, which is not good for entertainment. If he makes them rage, he will be benefiting us by making the prisoners angrier, which means more fails/ more action. It is unclear what side this "narrator" is on. Observations have been made and: Some prisoners can't hear him, as they appear to block the voice out with an unknown substance. Hatty betraying us? Others have developed cat like hearing and hear the Narrator very well. This has been an official report by Claws Meowburt. Singed with claws, \ | | / EDIT: I know the prisoner is Stamper, just pretend.
  6. This is not specific or even related to the Behemoth & their games, just trying to reach out a great community for help by getting votes for my Cat.. haha. So if possible, if you have the 5 seconds to give a vote, it would be much appreciated. Even more so, if you shared and passed it on. Here the site, (just a local mall's contest) Thanks - Jake Ralph (Foxes)
  7. Hello, this is my new solo story/adventure playlist I've been working on very (very) slowly since round about the game was released back in April. It consists of the standard story format, 9 adventure, 2 finales, and 3 encores along with a secret bonus level hidden in level 6...or is it? I guess you'll have to find out for yourself by playing it. There isn't really a set difficulty for this playlist, some of them are easy while are few are challenging. The A+ times were made by playing the level through and recording my time, so to get all the strawberries you'll have to beat my best. The playlist name and my gamertag are below. Playlist Name: Cat Chaos My Gamertag: Toby 5125 Playlist Type: Solo Story Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my playlist.