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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! So a friend recently told me you can actually transfer your characters from the Xbox 360 version of the game to the remastered version. I was very excited about this, but when I opened the old version of the game I was shocked to see they were all level 1. Any help? Or is this forum dead on the Castle Crashers topic?
  2. Top 5 Characters 1) Fencer/Industrialist; 80 points; SS 2) Royal Guard/Conehead; 68 points; S+ 3) Gray Knight; 61 points; S 4) Iceskimo; 49 points; S- 5) Blue Knight; 47 points; A+ Honorable Mentions 6) Brute/Snakey; 34 points; A 7) Fire Demon/Ninja; 32 points; A- Top 5 Pets 1) Snoot/BiPolar Bear/Meowburt; 27 points; SS 2) Zebra/Piggy; 25 points; S+ 3) Burly Bear; 24.5 points; S 4) Hawkster/Beholder; 23 points; S- 5) Scratchpaw; 21 points; A+ Honorable Mentions 6) Yeti; 17 points; A 7) Bitey Bat/Rammy; 16 points; A- Top 5 Weapons 1) Snakey Staff; 28.5 points 2) Ninja Claw/Gold Skull Mace; 26 points 3) Sai; 19.5 points 4) Man Catcher; 16 points 5) Broad Spear; 15 points Honorable Mentions 6) Evil Sword/Bone Leg/Ice Sword; 14 points 7) Dual Prong Sword; 13.5 points 8) Skeletor Mace; 13 points 9) Ribeye/Gold Harpoon/Unicorn Horn; 9.5 points 10) Wooden Club/Glowstick; 9 points 11) Lollipop; 8.5 points 12) Fishing Rod; 2 points
  3. I think we should start a topic of all the different heads (characters) and weapons that we as a community have seen. We can post images, videos, or describe heads and weapons that we have seen at conventions like comic-con or PAX, or what we have seen on the Internet. I will start Weapons: Ice Cannon Dart Gun Boomerang Bouncy Ball Thing (that pops on contact.) Green toxic bubble gun Grenade Explosive frisbee Fan Electricity ball Fire ball Characters (heads) Airplane Square head with an open mouth Cyclops Pineapple Guy with a cat scratching at his head( yes this character always has a cat on his head, with little blood marks where the scratching was) Obviously the basic two eyes and a line mouth head Mustache head Clown Cardinal Rammy Rabbit Angry Faic (the boss health bar face) Ninja Cat Guy with the Monocle and Top Hat Mummy Skeleton Jimbo No Teeth (A character with no eyes and a large under-bite.) Football Player Fish head Some dude with a squid on his face A house (includes windows, a door, a rooftop, and I think a chimney) DJ headphones A mushroom cap (on top of the cylinder head) Some kind of astronaut/racer-esque helmet. It's a helmet with a visor. Breakfast face (Sunny-side up eggs for eyes and bacon for mouth, cylinder head) Square-head with a wide, open mouth. A chameleon-like head with an open mouth. A peasant-like round head. I saw a new rabbit and new cat head. A new pirate-like head (bearded with a bandana) Cylinder-shaped head Dog face Squiggly mouth circle head monster guy Plant Face and this guy I know I have missed a lot but if people could start saying what they have seen that would be great Try not to repeat ideas and TELL THE TRUTH! Lets keep it to weapons and head that we have proof of existing. No guesses, only facts from online or stated from an official behemoth employee.
  4. What you're favorite character and weapon in CC? I like peasant and orange knight. My favorite weapons are frozen chicken and icekimo spear
  5. Hi guys, Which of the starting characters do you like the best? (Red Knight, Blue Knight, Orange Knight, Green Knight) Give reasons please! I am partial to the orange knight, because his splash has the widest range and most pushing power, and he is the only orange character in the game. Also, most people like to play as the red or green knight as starters, so it's cool to play as someone not usually played as.
  6. I bet most of us have been wondering. When will Battle Block Theater be on Xbox so I can push my friends into spikes and lasers and build wacky stuff with the blocks? Well I sure don't know but I do want to know. When will The Behemoth continue posting the new characters coming to the game on the blog? Is it close to (maybe) getting done? Are you to busy? Or do you all want us to figure out the others in game? I love your games behemoth and we are not trying to rush you on games. We are just eager to play a new game and want to know what your doing. From a cool person- Mr.Hatty Hattington Peace.