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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Fellow Chickens! We recently had the privilege to donate some Behemoth items to the 7th Annual Child's Play Charity Raffle held by the 8-Bit Brigade! This year, they have a ton of raffle prizes up for grabs, including retail release video games, downloadable games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Steam and iOS, board games, autographed CDs, game-related crafts and artwork, and more! If you're specifically looking for Behemoth items, then here's the list of our goodies that you have a chance of winning: Castle Crashers Red Knight Bug Eye Figurine (trade show exclusive, limited edition) Castle Crashers Mini Figurine Chonku Chonku Pink (trade show exclusive, the rarest figure of them all) Castle Crashers Necromancer Hoodie Medium Castle Crashers Skeleton Battle Tee - Large Behemoth Chicken Touch Tee - Medium Castle Crashers Iceknight Tee - Small 2 Behemoth Lanyards (trade show exclusive) 2 Behemoth Scarves Castle Crashers Flat Knight Keychain Castle Crasher 3D Knight Keychain To enter, go to and donate to Child's Play using the ChipIn widget. For every dollar donated, you'll receive one raffle ticket number. The raffle drawing will take place on Sunday, October 28th and will be broadcast live. Donate today for your chance to win!