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Found 3 results

  1. oppinions, thoughts, skill builds, stratogy, and anything else related to the game. go go go talk talk talk!
  2. 1000th topic. try and post your sexy drawings and hopefully we got some animators here to post their stuff as well. I know as soon as i finish my next animation and the one after that this is one of the places i will be posting them . i know this sounds like it should be in the creationism forum but its ok because I want to see anything behemoth related the most . if you got anyt animations then feel free to post them here or in the animation section thread under creationism.
  3. post some really dumb stuff, i dare you. i only made this to see how weird people can be besides me. lets start off with me fondling a earthworms 4th heart after the 2nd rise of the planet of the apes, only to find out that its not a worm, its chihuahua's willy. (not to sure if saying willy is bad in these forums)