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Found 1 result

  1. For some reason, the poll feature seems to be missing. I set up Strawpolls in the meantime. Yep! It's happening again. I thought maybe with another awards thread, new members could be inspired to join and make the forum a more active and memorable experience... maybe even get an award next year. But no promises here. I'm not a time traveler or a fortune teller. Anyways, here are your categories this year: Decide who this award goes to here! Newcomer of the Year is an award given to users that joined the ranks within the current year that make the forum better, whether it's making fun new games in the Forum Games subcategory or helping someone out with their problems in a really tough game of crossword. Don't ask me why that specifically. Decide who this award goes to here! This award is given to the moderator who has made the biggest impact on the forums. You gotta give these guys credit, it's not easy keeping an eye on this site at all times! Decide what game this award goes to here! Ah yes, the ever so delightful Game of the Year award. This award is given to any game that was released in 2016 that everyone here really likes to play! It can be anything! It can even be a board game! Yes, a BOARD GAME! My favorite kind of board games are the ones made from actual boards... just be careful not to get splinters. Decide what song this award goes to here! Now this one may be a little strange, but bear with me for a second. Don't get grizzly... ahem. This award goes to a song that people here have listened to again and again! As long as it was made in 2016, anything goes. Decide who this award goes to here! And finally, the all-important User of the Year award. It's yellow like gold, so you know it's very important! This shiny award is given to any user who has done their best to make Behemoth Forums great again, and, er, trump over the bad things here that may hide in the corners. Like dust bunnies! They aren't as cute as white bunnies. They make my nose feel gross. Also, Scaler193 isn't allowed to get this one... unless he asks very nicely. Then maybe I'll consider it. With the power of your votes, you can decide who gets which award! It's great! The final results will be up on December 31st. Awards will be given to the winners near the beginning of January.