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Found 2 results

  1. Making this thread to hype up Xenoblade Chronicles X, although I figured I could just make a general thread for discussion on the original as well. So I'll start this off with the awesome Direct that Nintendo just showed us! Release date of Xenoblade Chronicles X (in Japan): April 29, downloads start at 11PM on the 28th Release date of Xenoblade Chronicles for New 3DS (in Japan): April 4 Now, onto the fun info! Today's direct was focused on showing off the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X, and WOW, I can definitely see why they thought this was appropriate. It started off introducing the game and showing the intro, which we've seen before. The United States is on a huge spaceship, it gets attacked, a giant pod with the city of New Los Angeles is dropped from the ship onto the planet below, which is apparently called Mira. Then somehow you, Cross, wind up in a pod that's a bit of a distance from the city. Cross is customizable, which is a feature that wasn't present in the original Xenoblade. The person who discovers you is named Elma. Not gonna lie I kinda zoned-out here because we've already seen this like 3 times. Onto the city: New Los Angeles is HUGE. Like, you could easily spend an entire game's worth of time hanging out here. There are so many locations with crazy amounts of people to talk to. There are huge skyscrapers with bridges connecting them, there are urban environments with mechanics and shops, there are suburbs with houses and quaint little shops, it is a HUGE city. After they showed off the city, they talked about BLADE, which stands for something I forget. BLADE, from what I understand, is the company or the branch of government or something that you work for. You will do quests for BLADE. Speaking of quests, you discover quests by talking to the hundreds of citizens in the city. They displayed quests as nodes on a map, and these nodes were sometimes connected to other people so maybe the quests relate to each other or something. EDIT: actually completing the missions build bonds between the citizens, so do that and make everyone friends I guess After talking about BLADE and quests, they started talking about Life and Life Points, although I honestly had no clue what these things are because it was in Japanese and it didn't look like they had anything to do with health or anything you'd think they'd be. WAIT I FIGURED IT OUT shout-out to gamefaqs The Life Points are capsules like the one you were found in; they have people inside. I think the main plot of the story will revolve around finding these Life Points and rescuing the people inside. This might be the purpose of BLADE? So then a new character with a really high-pitched voice, Lynlee, showed up and started about about probes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Basically you go out in the field and place these beacons that sort of uncover info about that particular area. You can see the map on the gamepad screen and there are tiles that get uncovered as you place these beacon-things. There were 4 different types of info, one of them was clearly monsters but I couldn't figure out the rest. EDIT: The probes can be turned into special probes, which can provide extra resources in the surrounding area or provide you with stat boosts whenever you're fighting within the probe's radius. Pretty cool stuff. Data from the probes is shared with the city, so as people learn more from your discoveries, they'll make you do more quests They showed off another character: Tatsu, who appears to be of the same species as Riki from the original Xenoblade. He wears nerd glasses and a green hoodie, and has a slick hairdo. He appears to be a comic relief character, and Lynlee abuses the living crap out of him because it's funny apparently. (They have a kind of Misty-Brock dynamic going on, I think, whereas Cross is pretty silent and Elma is quite serious.) So now we finally get to the world itself, and WOW. Like, DAAAAAANG, this world is really freaking huge and really freaking gorgeous. It looks like there are five main areas on Mira, and if you thought the city was huge, these areas are just crazy humongous. The first one is the green fertile hilly area that we've always seen. The second one is a dark jungle-like area with lots of bio-luminescent plants and creatures. I'm actually really confused about what the second area is supposed to be, because it looks like water but the characters were running around and stuff. All I know is it's dark but stuff was glowing. The third area was a huge desert with canyons and huge metal structures sticking out of the sands. The fourth area was a snowy region with frozen lakes and huge mountains. The fifth area was a volcano-like area with lava everywhere and lots of buildings and structures built into the environment; it reminded me of Mustafar from Star Wars Episode 3. So while you're exploring this world, you make discoveries like in Borderlands; you might stumble upon a new area and a message will flash at the top saying "New Area: something in japanese that I can't read". I believe there were also New Landmark, Unexplored Region, and Special Scenery. Anyways this world is huge and they were showing off places that didn't look like they pertained to any of the five main areas they showed, so those cool-looking places are probably their own small things. Then they showed of the Doru (Dolls), the giant robots. Yeah, there are giant robots for you to pilot in this game, in case you forgot from the sheer awesomeness of the world you play in. The giant robots seem to have three forms: the humanoid form, where you walk around like Gurren Lagann and beat things up/shoot at things, a car form where you can drive around really fast and over water and stuff, and then a flight form where you can zoom around and fly wherever you want. You can transform between these seemlessly, they were showing off driving around and then suddenly taking off into flight form and vice versa, flying towards the ground and transforming into a car upon impact. Very very cool, and great for exploration since it looks like there are areas you can only get to through flight. You don't get to play with Dolls from the start though, only special BLADE people get to use them. Deal with it. So then they showed off the wildlife. Not much to describe here other than there are lots of crazy-looking monsters out to kill you. They made a point to show off the levels of the monsters, so put simply, some monsters are small and easy to kill and others are giant psychopaths that will chase you down and murder you if you look at them wrong. Obviously don't mess with the overpowering monsters if you're not strong enough/not in a giant robot. Also, some monsters look like others but have unique names and are kind of like boss monsters with higher stats. At some point during this segment I realized the main character wields a machine gun with Monado Art-looking things. In fact, they also showed that your character has like a speed mode, a jump mode, and other things. HMMMMM. Next they showed off more navigation stuff. One thing they showed was a ball of light called a Navigation Ball that you can throw and it'll lead you places... I don't really know where it takes you, again this thing was in Japanese. They showed your character following it. Another cool thing is a tool that you throw way in the air and it acts as a periscope, allowing you to see all around from a bird's eye view. I can imagine they'll try to use the Gamepad's gyroscopic features to use that. You can also use probes to warp to any other probes, so that's pretty sweet. Finally, they showed some evil-looking alien dudes with guns who wanna hurt you. These are probably the main villains of the story. That was pretty much it, they announced the release dates that I mentioned above and they also made a point to mention that there'll be a special edition soundtrack disc for Xenoblade Chronicles. They also announced a Wii U bundle that includes XCX plus a whole bunch of other goodies: So that's the Direct today summed up, I know I wasn't really perfect with my info but I'll fill in the gaps as I find out about them. I am very much hyped for this game, although I wish I could play the original before diving into this one. (I have it, but with college going on, I doubt I could finish it before April 29). Anyways what do you guys think? Feel free to share your hype for Xenoblade Chronicles X or start some discussion on the original... or start some discussion about sharing your hype for the re-release of the original.
  2. Just a thread about Cleverbot. Didn't really look for a Cleverbot thread, but oh well. Lock it down if it is a copy. Basically, the point of this thread is to post your adventures with Cleverbot - hilarious things on Cleverbot, pretty much. Here's one: