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Found 5 results

  1. Yes, we already have the Master Online ID List, but this is to catagorize which gamers play what games and whatnot. The purpose of this list is to help like-minded people play games they enjoy. Since the whole 'Friend Code Barrier' prevents this from being easily possible in most cases, this list should ease you woes. Feel free to post your 3DS Friend Code below and I will add it to the list (As well as any relevant games) as soon as I can! Smash 4 A C Cret - 2320-6361-3224 Animal Crossing: New Leaf A C Cret - 2320-6361-3224
  2. Make a guess at a star head that may be released. (Most likely, none will happen, but...) (I guess this goes in the forum games section, and if there's a dupe, this should be locked but, for the time being...) What do you think would be released? Personally, knowing all these random things be released, I wouldn't be surprised if we actually got a light bulb, (unless its there already), a pillow, or something really random. (Like a bag of trash or a troll face)
  3. Odd, when I went to check my community playlist ratings today I noticed 1 of my playlists appear to be missing. My adjusted set of co-op levels Mindbenderplus1 is no where to be found. Uploaded April 21 around 3:30 pm PST, shortly after Mindbender Plus (which is still there) because there were some bugs that needed adjusting. Not a huge deal because I can upload again from my back-up any time, but I wanted to make sure this wasn't happining to others. Reason for the title level(s) is it seems other co-op playlists are also gone. I'm not 100% sure since I don't remember specific playlist names but I thought there was more than 1 in the co-op the Behemoth favorites heading.
  4. Hello everyone my GT is: mikeylive98 my playlist is called: Regicide playlist type: Arena This playlist is 100% king of the hill, the are 15 koth maps each with their own unique theme I worked very hard on this playlist and would very much like to see the downloads and rating go up' so please download rate but most importantly have fun :!: side note: On the map called Robot king there is a little glitch where the game sometimes spawns you on a platform with robots on it and you will not be able to move, to free yourself all you have to do is jump. Also please comment on what you liked about it and please tell me what to improve on. Than you or reading and have fun.
  5. Here's some of the user made levels from the Beta! Thanks everyone for making a bunch of interesting stuff!