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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, so currently I'm looking to unlock all characters and weapons. So far I have beat the game twice in normal mode, also looking for anyone to maybe beat the game on insane. All but two of my characters are at a level 1 and while the game is enjoyable I'd rather have a group to play with. My issue right now is that anytime I find an online game with someone they just drop out or don't seem to play seriously. If anyone is interested in this journey maybe we can set up a group to get together and play.
  2. Made an Xbox Club for Castle Crashers called Castle Crashers Insanity. If you're looking for people to play or do insane mode with feel free to join.
  3. Hello guys, if you loved the golden era of Sega Mega-Drive Genesis or you like coop and comedy games you should Back this project. ToeJam & Earl fans unite! This time Sega won't be publishing this game, as indies it now depends on us funding the creators and real owners of this game (Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger) with Kickstarter. The game revisits the format of the original game, featuring 2D character models on 3D worlds with overhead perspective, and is planned to support local coop and online multiplayer up to 4 players. It will feature old and new earthlings (enemies), presents (items) and added gameplay mechanics: - Some multiplayer only presents like "switch bodies" as it says, switch the players positions so it can be a good or bad thing; - Cooperative moves like Toejam going over the shoulder of Earl and use a tomatoe machinegun; - Each character will have it's unique stats so the gameplay from a character to another will be a different experience; - There will be hats that you can wear to boost your stats; - You can improve your character, some of the items can be carried between game sessions; - There will be rhythm gameplay like toejam & earl 2 and if reaches the stretch goal, they will add the Hyperfunk Zone too. - And much more... The game will be DRM-Free as promised by the devs. Short animated music video promoting the game Fan testimonials video about Toejam and Earl Toejam and Earl was a hit in 1991, an action game that was beyond it's time, was one of the first roguelike games, had random worlds, comedy, jokes, lots of good funk music, fun factor and it had a unique personality. All of that with splitscreen cooperative gameplay. More info: At it's Kickstarter page there is some videos and some screenshots of its very early prototype of this new sequel. That's why you must understand that it's not the final look, but only a concept of the working gameplay. It will be released first for PC (Linux, Mac and Windows) and if it reaches stretch goals versions for videogame consoles will be ported sooner than it would be: PS4, XboxONE e WiiU. Screenshot of early prototype concept At this very moment the campaign reached 76% of it's goal of US$ 400.000. We only have 1 week left! Let's make it happen! Now, don't forget to BACK and SPREAD THE WORD about this good news. URL :: They also have many updates on their facebook page: If you have any questions ask the creators at kickstarter or over their facebook. They are really cool. Cheers! PS: I hope it isn't a problem to promote this beloved indie game to Sega fans. Sorry if it was.
  4. Well, me and my friend picked up BBT since it was on the summer sale and was really looking forward to playing the coop story, since id seen so much gameplay of it.. But when we started up the coop story mode we encountered a strange problem.. He was hosting the game, but whenever I picked up a gem or yarn, it would dissapear, like I had gotten it, but then not count towards the grading and gift shop pool resulting in almost minimum gems and a C rank... The only time we could get all 7 gems plus the yarn, was when I went out of my way to let him get every single one of the them since he was the host.. It seemed like a very strange issue to me and looked it up, thinking it might be a common problem, but turns out I cant find a solution anywhere.. So please, if anyone could help elaborate on what might be happening to cause this, id greatly appreciate it ;
  5. Hey, so I was wondering what the next Furbottom's Feature is going to be. I mean they featured a Coop, then theirs which was Solo and Coop, and now an Arena. I think it is going to be a Solo feature next Friday but I'm not sure. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows what type of feature will be next Friday? Thanks.
  6. Concession Cat welcomes you! I named this playlist after the concession cat at the level editor, he doesn't get enough appreciation! On this little journey with your best bud you guys will learn the true meaning of friendship - or the opposite. I hope you fellow Battleblock theatergoers are ready for this challenge, it'll have you pulling your hair out, or your buddy's hair (if he has any)! Hope you are in store for a difficult time! Enjoy! I would also like to give a shoutout to CMoNeYno23 (8Bitten on the forums) for his upcoming coop playlist, "TogetherWeFail". It has pretty hard challenges you and your buddy will have to endure together, I hope you trust your partner! Check it out when he releases it! Also I would like to thank MisterrQuentin for being a trooper! He helped me and so did CMoNeYno23 on this playlist. They helped me with any bugs in my levels and with the times for my levels. Thanks MisterrQuentin! Thanks CMoNeYno23! Also a thanks to VPustote for helping me test as well as UndeadNinya! Concession Cat by Ps3guyguy For the Behemoth and the community!
  7. Post below what playlist (solo, coop, or arena) you would want to be see featured next or possibly very soon! After a few people have casted their vote below I will make a thread containing all the ones for everyone to vote for! (It's ok if you pick your own ) I would say (not out of selfishness) my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken" because I spent 4 months creating it, adding every detail I can, adjusting certain obstacles, and replaying many countless times and put good effort into it and would like to see it featured one day
  8. Come one come all, calling all skilled and adventureous entertainers. BattleBlock Theater has been kind enough to host auditions for a new show called "Mindbender". Not only will you need to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but during your performace you must also use your brain. If you can think on your feet come on down today and show us what your made of. GT: KMKHunter Playlist: Mindbender & MindbenderCoOp1 Mode: Adventure Solo and Co-Op Challenges: Jump timing as well as brain teasers Comments: Welcomed and feedback appreciated 4/16: First round of The Behemoth picks for Solo Adventure!!! 4/21: Co-op version "Mindbender Plus" uploaded. Shortly after due to a few design flaws, fixed and uploaded as "MindbenderPlus1" 4/27: MindbenderPlus1 MIA from the Community Theater 4/29: MindbenderPlus1 back online 4/30: Made The Behemoth favorites list for Co-op!!! 5/16: MindbenderPlus1 featured as the second Playlist in The Pickening on LiveStream Design with the Devs. 5/20: MindbenderPlus2 slight modifications for polish and playability and reuploaded. Shortly after had to fix an oversight and re-uploaded as Mindbender CoOp 5/31 MindbenderCoOp1 uploaded. Level 5 "Cargo" fixed and plays correctly now. Minor breakability points adjusted to further stabilize playability based on extended research in the wild. 5/31 Selected as Furbottom's Feature Co-Op Playlist [31-May-13] It's Friday... Gotta Get Down On Friday!
  9. First off I am loving some of these playlists you guys have made. The online community is pretty active and it seems like they are rating playlists pretty fairly. The Furbottom's Features have been fun to complete but I wonder what are the criteria for selection minus the obvious (15 stages, obtainable A++ rankings etc). I have 3 playlists uploaded but I only really stand by 2 as the first was a little too difficult and the pacing was off. GT: Mocity Gangsta Solo Playlist: Adventure Time Coop Playlist: Inception I realized I left out the pie in my bonus stage in the "Inception" playlist so that may disqualify me from being featured but my solo playlist is corrected and updated. "Adventure Time" is the same as "Inception" minus the coop parts. Poison bubbles and darts can change the original planned route between some stages but by no means does it break the game. Hopefully people will see what my intentions were as you will get the most out of the stage that way, but as I said above darts and bubbles can get you out of situations where you may feel you are stuck. For example on the stage "Moon Jumper" my intention is to launch you with the hadouken orbs the cats are throwing but you can use darts to make the climb as well. The community seems to enjoy my playlists and I received a few msgs online with some thumbs up. "Inception" is listed as top 3 under top rated for the week. Anyways there's not so much puzzle solving but rather just simple fun platforming. My goal was to make each stage themed to some degree. Admittedly I got kinda lazy towards the end and just reused some stages as my encores but I figured most people will only play until the finale anyways. If you have already played either or both of these I appreciate your ratings and feedback. If you haven't played them please check them out. I promise one out of the nine stages will leave a lasting impression of what can be done in this amazing game.
  10. I am creating a playlist called Sh4dowBall. The playlist is called Sh4dowBallTest1.I have currently created 4 levels. 1 easy, 1 medium and 2 a little under hard. The AI can't play them though. remember it's more fun with friends . please tell me feedback on the levels and what I add or improve.