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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm 8Bitten on these forums, and CMoNeYno23 on XboxLive (That username is courtesy of my brother). I've currently been working on the same adventure playlist for approximately the past 4 Weeks, and I'm really pouring my heart and my soul into it. Instead of simply making a thread for soley my playlist, I had another idea... After scanning the forums for any Topics about "playlists in the works" without success, I wanted to create one to update people on what I was building, and also offer you all a place where you can talk about your own current creative endeavors too. I want this thread to be a place where designers can keep players updated on their designing process and let them know things such as how much of their adventure or arena playlist they've built and what remains to be done. I suggest using the Template post below so you're able to keep your levels in relatively organized and easy-to-updated set-up. Template post(s): All Playlists: -Playlist Name: (If you haven't decided one yet just make one up) -Playlist Type: Arena or Adventure -Pictures: (If you have any) Adventure Playlists: -Adventure Type: Solo or Co-op -Playlist Difficulty: Easy, Average, Advanced, Hard, "Controller out the window" Hard. -Gem Levels Created: 0 to 9 -Timed Levels Created: 0 to 5 -Secret Level Created: 0 to 1 -Story: If I has one, feel free to tell us! -General Level Size: Big, Medium, Small -General Level Feel: Cramped, You have some space, Generally open -Shared Color Scheme: Yes (List a general color pallete) or No -Favorite level so far: (Do you have one?) -Any especially unique traps or level premise: (Feel free to share... Or not, I don't mind) Arena Playlists: -Predominant Arena Type: Capture the Horse, Muckle, King of the Hill... etc. -Arena Levels Created: 0 to 15 -General Level Size: Big, Medium, Small -Arena Feel: Casual, Competitive -Favorite level so far: (Do you have one?) -Any especially unique traps or level premise: (Feel free to share... Or not, I don't mind) I hope this can be a springboard for you all to share your creations! I'll Start: -Playlist Name: The Grimporeum -Playlist type: Adventure -Adventure Type: Solo -Playlist Difficulty: Advanced to Hard -Gem Levels Created: 9 -Timed Levels Created: 5 -Secret Level Created: 1 -Story: Between your extraordinary public appearances as Battleblock's most notable performer, you decide to take a trek through some of the theater grounds that your cat captors didn't have under such privacy-depriving surveillance. You find yourself in an even smaller theater near the rear of the complex, run by a very small, disgruntled and fuzzy grey cat by the name of Grizzletuft Tabbington. His cheap knock-off theater shrank in comparison to Battleblock, as he not only lacked the gigantic main theater that Battleblock had, but also the brilliantly colored and creative set-pieces they used. Not to mention the severe lack of performers! While you walk about the dilapidated stage, Grizzletuft approaches you with a wondrous proposition! If you perform on his slightly smaller scale stage, he'll let you keep the 5 strawberries available in each scene, plus 2 more if you're quick enough! (Heck, I hear Mama Grizzletuft even left some pieces of pie laying around!) You ponder his offer, looking around at the dull grey scenery of the stage, and finally you shake hands... paws..? I don't know... regardless you accept his offer. Grizzletuft is hopeful that with you in the spotlight he finally has a chance at getting some recognition, and you're just happy to be getting something edible other than Battleblock's butt-salad and doo-doo casserole. So prepare yourself for some astounding (albeit smaller scale) performances in Grizzletuft's Grimporeum! -General Level Size: Medium (20x30 and 30x20) -General Level Feel: You have some space -Shared Color Scheme: Yes - Generally monochrome, mostly grey. -Favorite level so far: A Cry for Help -Any especially unique traps or level premise: 1) Sliding across exploding blocks under buzzsaws. 2)Timed slices of pie. 3) The Secret Level has a Raccalope chasing you (consistently too!) the entire time through a multi-leveled maze. 4) Creative uses of the Horse call. Pictures: None currently, sorry! I hope this gives you guys something to look forward to!
  2. I have noticed a lot of levels being made are crowded even at the max size, or the level has too much open spots, and this affects how the player may feel about the level. I wondered if level size should be able to have an increase to the max height and width. I wondered if the max size would be able to go to 50 height, 40 width, and so it will be a total of 2,000 possible blocks in a map. This should at least prevent some overcrowding in made maps due to bigger size. Should the level size for levels we make be increased so we can make less crowded maps?
  3. I was wondering if the Behemoth could add a new block in Battleblock Theater that could totally change the experience with playing levels. I wondered if gravitational blocks could be added. The blocks would have an arrow at one of the 4 directions and when a player steps on the block, they would switch where they land. So, imagine using this block and then we are on the ceiling, that would be awesome, and if we wanted to get back down we would have to find a gravitational block facing downwards. To add this block, the Behemoth would also have to make the exit able to go sideways or upside down. I think this would be a really cool feature, does anyone else agree?