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Found 1 result

  1. Well, because I feel that there needs to be another tournament and because I want to get my revenge on Pac Zane, I'm officially hosting..... The Second Behemoth Forums Smash 3DS Tournament! Date and Time: Friday October 17th at 5pm central/ 6pm eastern/ 3pm pacific/ 11pm london? Please let me know if there are any conflicts before Thursday October 16th at 10pm central. Rules: (red ones are up for debate) Single elimination. Best 2 out of 3 every round except semifinals and finals, which will be 3 out of 5. No items, Fox only, Final Destination All stages must be Omega Form, with the exception of Final Destination. No Custom moves. 2 stocks. No redos due to lag. If players disconnect, the match will not be redone and the winner of the match will be whoever was winning at that point based on stock, then damage. If someone disconnected because (s)he was losing, that person will be disqualified. If someone exploits a glitch, it will either be tolerated or the other person will have an automatic victory depending on the case. If the exploiter cannot prove it already exists, that person will be disqualified. If a person is cheating, that person will be disqualified. List of Smashers: Gamefemale (2320-6681-7010) Purple Sonic MorgLikesGames (1891-1668-7887) Dark Pit SaltOnToast (4742-5822-8412) Duck Hunt GoldenGhost (3454-2259-8402) Jigglypuff MisterrQuentin (2380-4124-1826) Shiek IndustrialKnight (4897-7240-9458) White Shirt Little Mac DroppedYourPocket (2191-7933-7696) Robin Chris (0946-2724-5736) Purple/Black Ike Abz2141 (2079-6290-4792) Pink King Dedede daikonboy101 (1220-7285-8257) Captain Falcon Wisp (0473-8764-7253) Marth Scaler193 (1418-6863-8589) ROB Mr. Hatty (aka the Pac Zane) (1461-6708-0572) You all know who Boggle Playing Chicken (4038-6331-9328) Duck Hunt (Yellow/Black or Banjo Kazooie) True213 (2294-5231-8001) Luigi Signups are now closed, sorry, you're too slow, see you next tournament if you are not signed up! If you are not already in my Skype contacts, please add me prior to the start of the tournament. I will also create a Skype group exclusively for this tournament. The group will be created 24 hours prior to the start of the tournament. The bracket will be made immediately after the deadline for signups.