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Found 1 result

  1. So we all are wondering the release date not asking for that I know its hard. I have more questions not relating to the date as much. If you can please answer if you are allowed to. #1. If a level gets to the popular gem state (The kind users make) will it still have gems when its unpopular or turn to strawberries again? #2. In Castle Crashers we had lots of weapons to use. I would think the weapon choice will be a lot smaller due to more character customization. Would this be kind of true? #3. After this will you guys continue to start yet another game or take a small break to just celebrate and relax? #4. Does Co-Op get a different ending scene if there is one? Or will it stay the same? Thank you if you answer this I am 11 so sorry if something is misspelled or sounds incorrect.