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Found 3 results

  1. Release Date: Before the Apocalypse. (Please The Behemoth, give me an instant Mac release, pleeeeaaaaase.)
  2. So we all are wondering the release date not asking for that I know its hard. I have more questions not relating to the date as much. If you can please answer if you are allowed to. #1. If a level gets to the popular gem state (The kind users make) will it still have gems when its unpopular or turn to strawberries again? #2. In Castle Crashers we had lots of weapons to use. I would think the weapon choice will be a lot smaller due to more character customization. Would this be kind of true? #3. After this will you guys continue to start yet another game or take a small break to just celebrate and relax? #4. Does Co-Op get a different ending scene if there is one? Or will it stay the same? Thank you if you answer this I am 11 so sorry if something is misspelled or sounds incorrect.
  3. I bet most of us have been wondering. When will Battle Block Theater be on Xbox so I can push my friends into spikes and lasers and build wacky stuff with the blocks? Well I sure don't know but I do want to know. When will The Behemoth continue posting the new characters coming to the game on the blog? Is it close to (maybe) getting done? Are you to busy? Or do you all want us to figure out the others in game? I love your games behemoth and we are not trying to rush you on games. We are just eager to play a new game and want to know what your doing. From a cool person- Mr.Hatty Hattington Peace.