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Found 2 results

  1. Hatty's Death Some people have been saying that Hatty died because he didn't move and stuff. There are also reasons that prove otherwise; - When they threw him out, he was sinking. Dead bodies float, and live bodies sink; so he was still pretty much alive. - When "Buckle your pants" started, the narrator was talking about how Hatty was a vegetable, and was blabbering on about a potato. This could refer to the fact that Hatty is in a vegetative state where he is pretty much a tomato, but still alive. When you're in a vegetative state, you have no feeling. This could be why Hatty didn't care if his friends were respawning and drowning in a pool of 4-feet water. - If the narrator's prediction that the hat is haunted by its previous owners is correct, then the previous owners would've controlled Hatty, possibly to a state where Hatty has no control of his body. Alien Hominid When Hatty's hat shot a giant laser up, in one scene the Alien from Alien Hominid got blown out of his ship. This could result in the beginning of Alien Homind BUT: In the intro of the game the alien was still in his ship and was messing with the controls then crashed while in BBT he flew out of the ship.