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Found 1 result

  1. to skip the intro, press the skip button. or just do nothing... Hello blbblllbl blbl blblllbblbl blblbbllbl blbso that was the intro, now get to the point will ya? -ofcourse! Thank you! -you're welcome! Korby kirby kiiirby, kirby kirby kiiirby! yes, you may guess it: what is this topic about? 3 times only. In this topic we discuss that cool, cute looking pinky which eats alot, in an ideal way , and those 2 combo's brings everytime back the epicness of kirby! discuss here! discuss here volks! We can talk about Kirby; nightmare in dreamland, or; the amazing mirror, or; super star, ultra, or; return to dreamland! even ssb! I like to start, if you don't mind. Kirby always gots me with his/hers cute look face.../body. It always makes you happy! I like kirby because of its eating style, reminds me of myself. its copy-ability is one of the most original thing i've ever experienced in my childhood! those things are just the beginning of this topic about the awesome pinky. King dedede, meta knight and other enemies/allies are allowed to talk about!