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Found 3 results

  1. GoldenGhost

    Goldenghost's Art + Games Thread

    While I'm preparing my ritual to resurrect my Writing Thread, I thought I'd make a thread for my art since it's something I've been meaning to do for a while now. I do a few different kinds of things, from hand-drawn art to pixel art, so I'm just gonna share all of it here. I will happily accept requests if you have them, and I'll even do them in a specific art form if you have a preference! (Note that, while none of these drawings are of actual people, I do draw people sometimes. I'll scan some pictures from my notebook and share those eventually.) Some of my computer-drawn art: Squid Monster + Lil' Squid Monster: My attempt at drawing Gish from Gish and The Binding of Isaac: (I might have went a little overboard with his bulging eye, but oh well) A forest spirit: Some fairies: Female Squid Monster + Lil' Squid Monster (such kawaii-desu-desu-kawaii) Check out my Pixel Art in the next post, it wouldn't fit here in the OP (but I still love it just as much) Other: I also like doing these community anime pictures that other people sometimes do, here's one from a while ago: So I might do one of those every once in a while. That's all I have right now, again I'll share more from my notebook soon. Give me some drawing requests! And don't steal my art!
  2. Zumbee4life

    Zumbee's Drawing Request Center

    Welcome to Zumbee's Drawing Request Center! This is a place where you can request pictures to be drawn by me. I draw everything on actual paper so I'll upload all the pictures from my iPhone. Here's an example of a drawing:
  3. Potatofarm71

    Potato's Daily Doodles

    Hello and welcome to Potato's daily doodles! On here I will post drawings daily, (most likely about behemoth games) I'll try not to miss days the best that I can so if I miss just one day don't complain. NOTE:Don't expect the drawings to be amazingly detailed because they're only doodles. Heres the first one (It isn't that good because it was made in a rush so I can start this topic.)