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Found 4 results

  1. Hello BattleBlock Theater community, I just got BBT Steam edition, and I have had a lot of fun with it, but I just made a full playlist, and I have been trying to upload it. I read up a little on this, and I have made a backup in case something happens. I have also made sure that all of the levels match up (first 9 levels are normal levels, the last 5 are time trials, and the very last level is a secret level). I made sure that there is a secret level portal in one of the levels and everything. I make sure I'm connected to steam, and then I hit upload, and it asks if it is a coop or a singleplayer playlist, and then it asks me to name the playlist, which I assume is normal; but then when it's all done, it says 'The upload did not succeed. Please try again later'. It has done this every time I try and upload. I even tried it on different user accounts on my computer, and then another computer altogether, and it still wont upload. Please help! Thanks, ~Ahnock~
  2. I want to make a playlist using YOUR opinions! Like color choice, color layout design, pathways, obstacles, puzzles, etc. I will take most of your opinions but not use them exactly as is said to not be copying your idea unless you are alright with it. Thanks to anyone that leaves their opinions below!
  3. I get creative in short bursts, and then when I'm done, I upload it to see how people rate my playlist and how it works with 4 people at once. The problem is, that means all of my playlists are only 3 levels. I have made 5 3-level playlists, and I would like to combine them all into one 15-level playlist. Is there any way to do this?
  4. Can we be expecting the level editor (even a rough build of it) to be included with the beta? Dying to get my hands on the editor almost as much as the game itself.