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Found 1 result

  1. Sorry if this was already written but. Two problems here: Whenever i finish a fbf (Furbottom's feature) level (the whole thing) I dont earn any star heads, or avatar awards. This is ridiculous since i have completed it 10 times and it still gives me nothing! Help!! -Update: I have a black xbox 360 with good wifi,etc My gamertag is Cylacine. ----Question 2 Any reason why the game randomly crashes? Like if i try to load a fbf or arena mode, the game crashes, my whole xbox crashes, cant do anything etc. Why does this happen??? It works on story but when i buy something from the gift shop, Boom the whole game freezes or crashes. I Update 2- I cant save my games because of it crashing, so i gotta start from the last chapter Cannot play fbf on co-op either. Or arena because if i do.. The first round i go to GAME CRASHES BOOM THERE YA GO.