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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome friends, foes, and felines, to my arena discussion. You have seen the Hall of Dudes, but have you seen The Hall of Pain? I think not. I am nearly done making my first playlist and arena playlist. This playists hosts favorites such as: Ball Maul, Crush da Brush, and many, many, more. I am looking for tips from some of the all time greats, such as: our Furrbottom Features veteran: 8Bitten, ps3guyguy, our 2014 XBLA Arena Playlist Contest Winner: MeltedCow, our designing overlord MisterrQuentin, and many of our creative level designers. This playlist was made for the arena design contest but alas, I took a vacation. Why rush something that had potential? Thank you and expect this playlist in the near future. Hall of Pain Coming to a (Battleblock) Theater near you.
  2. I finally have finished a playlist! Granted, since it is my first attempt at this I am sure it won't be perfect, but I enjoy playing it so I figure you all may as well! I hope you guys will try it out and give me feedback for the next one I make. The one I uploaded doesn't too much have a story line, and all of the levels are different colors and concepts, but I hope you all like it! Playlist name: Marooned Gamertag: dchh1427 Difficulty: Medium - Advanced I also decided to draw some terrible art for my playlist on paint! :]
  3. ThisIsThOnlyLvl by LordlierAlloy2 (Sorry, no screenshots.) Based upon the Flash games of the same title on Armorgames, it's one room, but with subtle differences in each.
  4. If you use the internet for anything, you might have already seen the latest Humble Bundle. And heck, I know there's probably a few of you who've bought it already For those who haven't, you can go get yours now at the link above...or if you're not interested in the whole lot, I'm going to be giving some of the games away individually...because I'm nice like that (and totally not because I ended up with a spare lot...and don't really use Origin) If you want any of the games below, just post a reply stating which you'd like (and whether you'd like it for Steam or Origin!), and I'll send you your code in a PM There's a few rules for this, too: > I'm doing this on a 'first come, first served' basis. If somebody else has already claimed the game you're after, tough luck > ONE code per person, per day (24 hour mark is 17:00 GMT) > Just follow the regular forum rules. Don't spam replies like a silly > That goes for PMs, too. Don't PM me, I'll PM you So, without further ado, here are the games I have to give away (games already given away will be crossed out): Origin > Dead Space x2 > Burnout Paradise x1 > Crysis 2 x1 > Dead Space 3 x1 > Medal of Honor x2 > Mirror's Edge x1 > C&C: Red Alert 3 x1 > Populous x1 Steam > Dead Space x1 > Crysis 2 x1 > Medal of Honor x1 > Mirror's Edge x1