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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, so currently I'm looking to unlock all characters and weapons. So far I have beat the game twice in normal mode, also looking for anyone to maybe beat the game on insane. All but two of my characters are at a level 1 and while the game is enjoyable I'd rather have a group to play with. My issue right now is that anytime I find an online game with someone they just drop out or don't seem to play seriously. If anyone is interested in this journey maybe we can set up a group to get together and play.
  2. Once again my love for creating levels has drained my life away. Here's 15 stages of epicness mixed with amazing in a stew of magic. Colosseum: So you're locked in a cage right, then the cage unlocks and you're like ok then you go up on this stage and step on a button now you're in another cage, except now there's another guy and he was also in a cage and now you're both punchin each other from in a cage......CAGECEPTION! Factory: You carelessly stumble into an abandoned factory, ran by a single crazy scientist who puts you through deadly tests of the mind. Teleportization: Each teleporter randomly brings you to a random room of random death. Some easy to overcome. Others are bat poop crazy. Clatter: Looks like a normal battlefield, straight land. Then a block moves down on it's own, then another, and another, 30 seconds in and everything's a wild mess. Ring of Fire: Don't fall off or you'll never get back on....... Because you'll be impaled by spikes Deadly Game: It's all fun and games 'til someone get's punched in the face. Slaughter: THERE'S DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE and don't be one of them. Kingdoms: Will you bring the battle to your opponent and crash his castle. Or will you be the unfortunate lad to fight back the opponent away from your kingdom. Planet Battle: A colossus battle which takes place in SPACE!!... But you're still standing on Earth so yeah. Im On A Boat: C'mon guys it was supposed to be a nice family cruise, now everyone's getting pushed off the boat and blasted out of cannons. *sigh* Forest: Maybe if you hide in the grass, they won't try to punch your face in...Never mind. Light VS Dark: Take your side, the cloudy overworld, or the heated underworld. Let the war begin. Doomsday: Whatever you do! Do NOT press that button at the top of the screen, because it will be a massacre if that button is pressed. A MASSACRE I SAY A MASSACRE! HattyHattington: Inspiration from xxTawnia's Hatty Head level. I created a replica(and we all know how good I am at those *shiver*) of Hatty Hattington. Won't it be fun, murdering people on Hatty's shoulders. I know right! Final Battle: You know it's serious business when the word "final" is in the title. IT'S DONE!
  3. Hello fellow Knights and Prisoners!! I don't know about most of you but most of my friends who play Xbox never played CC or heard of BBT. (A sin I know) Anyway this thread was made so that people can exchange Gamertags and chill playing a mode when the beta opens.