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Found 19 results

  1. The Quote Game is easy. Just say something from a TV show, video game, or song. The person who guesses the quote from the TV show, video game, or song, gets to say another. Just don't say anything bad. (Cussing, drugs, etc.) I'll start. "I honestly never thought we would need to track how many times we died in the hub."
  2. Hello and welcome to Potato's daily doodles! On here I will post drawings daily, (most likely about behemoth games) I'll try not to miss days the best that I can so if I miss just one day don't complain. NOTE:Don't expect the drawings to be amazingly detailed because they're only doodles. Heres the first one (It isn't that good because it was made in a rush so I can start this topic.)
  3. Hello everybody! ive been wanting to do this for a long time but I finally can.I'll be live streaming creation of your requests on my twitch channel.A while ago I made a thread for fan art but now you can see me drawing them!I'll do the live stream after 10 people reply and say they will watch. Thanks!' Where you post your requests: My twitch:
  4. Who is your favorite user? It doesnt have to be a user or it could be someone on the forums you look up to... I'll start. I look up to Pocket since he's a cool guy and a fun & nice mod. *I wish we still had the thread where you type w/ your face but it got locked* fgghynjuhhhjukn vff7 feG4 V VC BBTFRFRTGUGFDDDF HYTRFD
  5. Here you can see a fun behemoth poll above. It's updated often, so come back for more and more fun!!
  6. How does the ranking system work on here?
  7. This game is played by when one person says 1-3 words and we keep continuing until we make a giant....wierd story which we will read to our grand children into Hatty's great book of pudding supplys. Rules: Never talk about LETS MAKE A STORY ONLY say 1,2 or 3 words and no more DON'T be serious. Make it as funny as possible Don't try to end the story GO! (I just noticed this is similar to the castle crashers 3 word story thing but there's no relation)
  8. Short n' sweet. what're you all usually up to? Personally apart from usual internet browsing my friends have gotten me to play more xbox games. Reach, CC, Dust. Terraria on the PC a bit. Used to play Rugby too when I had the time.
  9. Starting Image: What This Is: Take the picture ( the newest one) and add something but only ONE thing, add eyes add a mouth add ears change its color, add a shape, anything just build off each other! When you think it's done/completed make a new base shape! Also: do not remove something someone else has added, that's mean ):
  10. Zaplosion v6 by Swirly Kalen is the latest version! Playlist: FInished and uploaded!!!! Special Thanks: fishysock CMoNeYno23 MisterrQuentin D3MONHUNT3R 524 CreeperHD80 Dragonborn2105 TallishMass Venonsnake100 Bluelimiter crazygamer208 BehemothKyle Lindsay_Behemoth Megan And a huge thank you to the rest of the Behemoth team for featuring Hattington Broz!
  11. Hey guys! I was wondering if you've ever heard of or played this IOS app game. It's a time passer of breeding different types of dragons and collecting income and buying new things-the basic tycoon game It's free,its fun,what else could you ask for? If you do join now,you can breed the limited,rare dragons that leave in the new year,2014! so hurry up! to get free gems from the start of the game use my refferal code:80293836
  12. There are very many heads out there in Battleblock Theater, but have any of us thought of which head loved which head? I was looking to see if any of you guys found a head that could love another head. Example: Triple threat would love manbirth. Who can try to find the most heads in love? !
  13. Playlist Name: Journey Gamertag: Octobot Super Playlist Type: Solo Adventure Journey is a story of an actual trip the prisoner embarks upon and also mirrors the development of the prisoner's personality and character as he grows with each pant-bucklingly important life experience. Dirt Road: The prisoner's humble beginnings are reflected here in a gentle trip down a dirt road, perhaps while holding his mommy's hand. The dustyness in the air represents the occasional knee-scrape or ill-timed pants-poop. Star Droplets: The prisoner has another vague memory of a rainy city night. He does not know yet what lies behind the concrete facade of the towering buildings, but perhaps his imagination will get the better of him. Autumnal: Crisp air, pumpkin and apple picking, pie baking in the oven, and lasers. Mustache: The prisoner knows the power of a good mustache, and subsequently grows one as he realizes that there's a big wide world out there to explore (but, you know, he's trapped in the theater). Anyway, his confidence is growing. Coastal Highway: Blast that radio, let your curly locks out the window, and fly around the turns and winding roads on this coastal highway. Vernal: Refreshing air blowing through the open windows, mid-morning drives, renewed vigor, and rockets to the face. Sunscream: The prisoner is getting really used to exploring now, and ends up with a flat tire in a desert. He's not worried, because he's like, totally young and invincible and stuff. Still, it's pretty hot out here... Joshua Tree: Night falls in the desert and the prisoner is having twinges of anxiety. He doesn't know why, but the lone joshua tree in the distance gives him a bit of confidence. He also thinks he catches a glimpse of a strange entrance to a bizarre looking area, but maybe it's just a mirage... Grim Retreat: The prisoner's naive view of the world has been shattered and his own sense of mortality has come crashing down on him as he's realizing more about the world (and you know, all those times he died probably helped too). The prisoner beats a hasty retreat to do some recovering and meditating on his experiences, and also for some beef stew. Estival: Ice cream and pool parties during the day, and iced tea and lawn chairs at night. Watch out for the rapids and waterfalls! Angkor Wat: Having becoming a stronger prisoner due to his experiences and realizations, the prisoner sets out to explore some of the most interesting places on ear--er, in the theater. This sweaty jungle temple holds lots of traps and danger, but the prisoner is ready to tackle them. Qomolangma: The prisoner is ready for his ultimate challenge, one that will push him to his limits and define what he has always aspired to become. The imposing Qomolangma stands before him, and if he can just reach the summit and avoid those crevasses... Hibernal: Hot cocoa, sledding, warming up inside, and riding on top of sentient block creatures. Typical winter day. Pollyanna: No matter how many continents the prisoner visits, no matter how many oceans he crosses, no matter how many horses he rides off into the sunset, the prisoner knows he always has a place back home. Modest Dungeon: "Sit back and enjoy my modest dungeon! Seriously, put the controller down and watch what happens!" Some serious notes: I've tried to make this playlist difficult but fair. This is my first playlist, so it's definitely possible that there is room for improvement, but I'm pretty happy with how everything came out. Also, I tried to prevent the possibility of getting stuck and having to restart the level through the menu, but again, it's possible that I've overlooked some things. Trivia: This is strongly based on a concept album that I've always wanted to produce, but I don't know how to music.
  14. Hello everyone my GT: mikeylive98 my playlist is called: Mikes adventure playlist type: solo adventure I have just finished my solo adventure called Mikes adventure. This is a full solo adventure with 3 time trials and a secret level This playlist has partsthat are difficult but fair so please play, rate and have fun note: this is my first time making an adventure map so if there is anything i could improve please feel free to comment bellow. also please have a look at my other maps Regicide and super cool pl. supercoolpl- Regicide-
  15. Hello everyone my GT is: mikeylive98 my playlist is called: supercoolpl playlist type: Arena Hi guys i have made a second playlist and yes i do know that the name is crappy but do not be discouraged this playlist is a mix of all the different arena game types except for challenge. (I wanted to save any adventure map ideas for my adventure playlist) The first set is all king of the hill The second set is a mix between grab the gold, colour the world and soul snatcher The third set it all ball game The fourth set is all capture the pig The fifth set is all muckle Thank you for reading have fun and please leave any comments telling what you liked and how i could improve it.
  16. Hello everyone my GT is: mikeylive98 my playlist is called: Regicide playlist type: Arena This playlist is 100% king of the hill, the are 15 koth maps each with their own unique theme I worked very hard on this playlist and would very much like to see the downloads and rating go up' so please download rate but most importantly have fun :!: side note: On the map called Robot king there is a little glitch where the game sometimes spawns you on a platform with robots on it and you will not be able to move, to free yourself all you have to do is jump. Also please comment on what you liked about it and please tell me what to improve on. Than you or reading and have fun.
  17. Attention passangers of the good ship Friend ship! The new acrobatic performace "Whooosh" is now showing at the BattleBlock Theater. Laugh and cry as our local prisoners err, performers push the distence of their jumping skills to new limits for your amusement. Highlights of the performance include long jumps, high jumps, surprise celebrity guest apearences from the cast of Caturday Night Live and mental challanges. Tickets on sale now, check the box office for show times. Difficulty: Medium to hard depending on your acrobatic skills. Comment: I wanted to make a playlist that really tested players timing, platforming and jumping skills without being impossible GT: KMKHunter (Sorry about typo in the title of the playlist in the subject line)
  18. I am creating a playlist called Sh4dowBall. The playlist is called Sh4dowBallTest1.I have currently created 4 levels. 1 easy, 1 medium and 2 a little under hard. The AI can't play them though. remember it's more fun with friends . please tell me feedback on the levels and what I add or improve.
  19. Hey, everybody. Liven this place up with some THREE MINUTE FLASH SKETCHES!! ------- Instructions: Draw an image in Flash pertaining to the topic, but make sure to do so in under three minutes. Don't spend any more time on that picture once the three minutes is up. Post your quick, sketchy creations in this topic and discuss your drawings. If you do not have Flash, you may use ------- Topics: #1 - Yourself (Anything dealing with you, or your username on TB.) #2 - TBA ------- My first picture: