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Found 3 results

  1. We’re just a couple weeks away from the launch of Pit People on Early Access! This seems like the perfect time to spotlight another fighter type in Pit People. Let’s talk Kobolds! Don’t let their short stature deceive you; Kobolds may be small, but they run in packs and they’re sharp — or at least their weapons are! See the full dev blog post -- complete with a full list of abilities and animated GIFs! *Note: This game is still in development and attributes of each fighter are subject to change. Thanks for being with us as we make our game baby! Be sure to add this game to your Steam Wishlist and follow Pit People on Facebook!
  2. Hey Fellow Chickens! Yesterday, we revealed some new character customization options for our scrumptious Game 4 Cupcake. As you may have gathered from the post, once you've gained some toppings or frosting flavors, you'll be able to access these items and dress your Cupcake from your House. Here's our most recent layout for the House design: Just for fun, I wanted to get y'all involved in some discussion. What are some changes or additions that you noticed? What did you notice first? You can see previous designs in streams we did with Game 4 gameplay: (October 2014 - Extra Life Charity Stream) \ (August 2014 - PAX Prime 1st Stream of gameplay) Looking forward to what your thoughts are on the new House layout!
  3. Who knew that fungi could be so fashion forward? We certainly didn’t until we started putting bandanas and crowns on our fungal friends in Game 4! It’s time to root for our favorite Mushrooms out on the hex-walk today as they show off their duds and we savor their fragrance. Check out the full post here. TL;DR -Mushrooms fart and they’re wicked poisonous -Mushrooms are strongest against Cupcakes and weakest against mallets/maces -The easiest way to get the accessories you want is by recruiting Tell us what you think about Mushrooms! Would you recruit a Mushroom onto your team?