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Found 1 result

  1. I was thinking about it based on this article I read at IGN somewhere else... In your opinion, what game is the biggest let down? Personally, I strongly disliked Plants vs Zombies 2 (Free for Iphone). Everything good in the game has to be paid for, which clearly summarizes why EA was voted worst american gaming company of the year. I'd rather pay 2 bucks for the complete version then to pay from a range of 2 - 4.99 for the ''better'' plants and some asinine upgrades. They're not forcing you to pay for anything, but at the same time keep throwing at your face how much easier beating levels could be if only you had purchased the extra. The game looks ok AND PLAYS VERY REPETITIVELY (the previous game had level variations now and then), the new power-ups are mediocre, also ruining the most important aspect of the game, popping zombie heads with your plant selection solely, and to finish off the levels are not as explored as shown in the first game.