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Found 6 results

  1. Did you know I have a youtube? No? Well check it out! Here! I make tons of content for Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, and more! Those are just a couple, check out my channel and see all the content I create! Thanks, subscribe!
  2. I was originally a console gamer a year ago and just recently I've really gotten into steam. I used to only use it for TF2 on occasion but since I picked up BBT and CC in the Steam summer sale I've been hooked. Here's the thing - other games just don't run well on my laptop. I need a new rig. I've got no monies ( ) so I this is kind of a long term plan. I'm thinking about getting a job so I can save up on getting one, but before I do that I really need to just find out how much I'm going to spend and how it's going to work. All I know right now is this - 4GB of RAM is minimal, 1TB hard drive is recommended, and that Desktops are better then laptops. I also have got a list of all the parts I need: CPU RAM Graphics Card Hard Drive DVD drive Power supply Computer Case So, now what? I'm sure building the PC isn't going to be to much of a problem, I just need to know the parts I need. I'm hoping for around $500 dollars but I'm willing to go for a stretch of $1000. This is a longterm plan and I don't need a new rig now. (Also I don't think a DVD drive is needed as barely any games are physical copies for PC nowadays.) The only preferred specs I would want is 8GB of RAM and at least 1TB hard drive. I'm no computer expert really so I'm not sure about everything else. That's why I'm here. Oh teach me great members of The Behemoth, teach me the ways of the PC master race. NOTE: The thread title was a mistake. Supposed to be: Building A Gaming Rig (Help?)
  3. So, I've had an idea for a 3D fantasy/adventure RPG, but I have never made a game, much less in 3D. I do have basic programming knowledge with C+, but would not mind learning something like Java if that would make my life easier. I also may do DigiPen this summer (a art and programming summer camp thing), but do not know for certain. I dunno, just a call for help from anyone knowledgeable out there. Anything is appreciated! EDIT: Size might be important to mention... I was thinking somewhere between Shadow of the Collossus and Solsteim from the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC. Yeah, that's a pretty big idea, but I'm not experienced. For all I know, that could be either massively difficult or saddenly easy!
  4. Heya, it's your favourite community moderator. From now on I'll be releasing a video on the youtubes every saturday. What kind of videos I hear you type, pretty much some kind of mythbusters meets gaming meets youtube kind of thing. Go watch it, it's fun. Now, before anyone says you're ripping off [NAME], here's a list of people that do or have done the same kinds of videos. If you think of someone else I could possibly be copying feel free to point it out, otherwise deal with it: -Game Theory -Jwittz -Tamashii Hiroka -PBG -That one video gamer (in those 2 videos he did that were slightly similiar)
  5. We all do a bit of something too much and mine is gaming.My name is LoverOfBattleBlockTheater and I'm addicted to all forms of gaming.Together I know we can spread this knowledge and safety to others around the forums. P.S No that is not my hand it is a meme that some of you may know.
  6. Greetings, My name is Mindy, I am the swagmaster for CoreCon. CoreCon is a non-profit sci-fi,fantasy, gaming, e-gaming, horror, and anime convention hosted at Days INN in Moorehead,mn. We have had in the past 500 con goers. We have been around for 5 years now. I was wondering if you would be willing to donate any type of promotional items, or behemoth flavored swag? Please message my profile on here or even response to the topic. Thank you if you want to check out Fargo CoreCon at