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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I was bored and thought I would make a GTA 5 Online guide to show which vehicle is the best in each class Fully Modded so you guys can drive in style, win more races, and show off! Super: Overflod Entity XF - Price: $795,000 Speed: 8.3 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 8.3 Handling: 8.3 Overall Rating: 10/10 Commentary: It is the fastest vehicle in the game matching up to the Truffade Adder but the Overflod Entity XF's acceleration makes it the best vehicle in its class. Does not handle well on twisty roads or mountainous terrain, other than that the handling is great. Muscle: Bravado Gauntlet - Price: $32,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 7.5 Handling: 7.5 Overall Rating: 9/10 Commentary: The Bravado Gauntlet is the best in its class but some might argue with that. The speed and acceleration are good for a muscle car, just remember to break a bit early. Sedan: Obey Tailgater - Price: Can be found and taken into one's garage. Speed: 8 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 5 Handling: 8 Overall Rating: 8.5/10 Commentary: Just to mention it, this is the type of vehicle Michael has on the compaign. This maybe a difficult vehicle for some to find, if you need any help post below or message me. The handling is downright amazing and the speed isn't too bad, I would work on the acceleration. Also many people argue about this one too. Coupe: Dewbauchee Exemplar - Price: $205,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 6.5 Handling: 8 Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Commentary: I personally love how this vehicle handles and it's speed and acceleration isn't bad either. SUV: Obey Rocoto - Price: $90,000 Speed: 7.5 Brake: 1 Acceleration: 5 Handling: 6.5 Overall Rating: 8/10 Commentary: Like a SUV it is not very fast so I would upgrade it's acceleration. The handling is okay. Motorcycles: Pegassi Bati 801 - Price: $15,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 4.5 Acceleration: 7.5 Handling: 7 Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Commentary: This vehicle is only best because once modded in Los Santos Customs it surpasses the Dinka Double-T, otherwise they are pretty well matched. This is also one many people argue about. The handling is pretty good I will say and the speed is excellent. Off-Road: BF Injection - Price: $16,000 Speed: 7.5 Brake: 2 Acceleration: 6 Handling: 5.5 Overall Rating: 8.5/10 Commentary: I personally prefer the DF Dune Buggy but the BF Injection is better. The speed and acceleration is better but slow down pretty early or you will most likely spin out and crash hard. Also arguable. Sports: Grotti Carbonizzare - Price: $195,000 Speed: 8.5 Brake: 2.7 Acceleration: 8.8 Handling: 7.2 Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Commentary: This is the best sports vehicle. The speed and acceleration are amazing and handles very well. The brakes could use some work though. Sport Classics: Pegassi Monroe - Price: $490,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 2 Acceleration: 7 Handling: 6.5 Overall Rating: 9/10 Commentary: For a sport classics it is pretty fast and handles pretty well but I would still work on the handling. Compacts: Dinka Blista - Price: Can be found and taken into one's garage. Speed: 7 Brake: 2 Acceleration: 6 Handling: 6.5 Overall Rating: 7.5/10 Commentary: Like all compact vehicles it is not very good but the Dinka Blista is the best compact out of the three. Helicopter: Buzzard Attack Chopper - Price: $1,750,000 and can also be found. Speed: 7.5 Brake: 10 Acceleration: 9.5 Handling: 10 Overall Rating: 10/10 Commentary: I find this to be the best helicopter because of the stats of course and it is quicker and handles better when aiming or getting somewhere. I would not purchase it but look for it because it spawns quite frequently. Planes: Buckingham Luxor - Price: $1,625,000 and can also be found. Speed: 4.5 Brake: 1 Acceleration: 4 Handling: 0 Overall Rating: 10/10 Commentary: I find the Buckingham Luxor more mobile than the Buckingham Shamal even though they have the same stats. The handling stats, there are none, but move beautifully in the air. It doesn't spawn as frequently but still can be found. Questions, comments, and requests are gladly accepted. If there is another vehicle class you would like post below and/or message me and I will add it as soon as I can, thank you. Also if you are having trouble obtaining one of the vehicles listed above post below and/or message me. Note: Stats added. Overall rating added. Commentary added. Helicopter added. Plane added. I hope you guys found this helpful!