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Found 3 results

  1. I honestly have no idea where to put this, but I need to report a hacker I met on steam tonight. This isn't some rant of my going "HAX! BANNZ!" but really just me trying to find out if the player had hacks or not, and, if he did, how to somehow deal with him. His/her steam name was CENSORED. (Currently censoring until given Mod approval.) So, I recently bought CC on steam and have a level 17 or 18 blue night, and was looking for help on the Industrial Castle Level. Non of my friends who have CC were online so I joined a public match, and encountered someone with all level 1 characters, and someone with all level ones except a Blacksmith level 99 (without a skull at all!) and a pink knight level 98 (with a white skull.) So, I was happy to have someone at a high level helping me. When we go to the castle entrance the level 1 player leaves instantly, and the level 98 pink knight took out 68 beefies and took down the door. After that we go inside and he/she spams 50 bombs! Is this possible? I knew it was fishy right when I saw his skull-less level 99 blacksmith. Is this common to encounter on CC steam? Just wondering.
  2. I was playing online this morning when this glitching guy came in the match, when we traded he had these heads. The king A Wrapped present A nose with a bandage on it I tried to take a screen shot up he left, so I hopped that what I saw might be enough proof for the admins.
  3. There was this guy on BBT who had a trophy coloured blue. I can only assume this was hacked seeing as how I've never seen anyone before him/her who had any trophy besides gold or silver. He left almost as soon as he joined so I didn't get any pics. EDIT: Case closed, please lock this.