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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to The Onslaught! I bet you are wondering what this is, let me tell you! This will be a contest starting next week which would be Monday which is December 2, 2013. The idea here is that I want YOU to give me your hardest, most challenging time challenge level and I will include it in a playlist called "Hardcore" (any empty spaces I will fill it with my own challenge levels) and number it 1-15. And then when Monday comes around I will see who can beat it the fastest time and and whoever gets the best letter grades! Whoever has the highest overall score will win over 9000 gems! You will have from Monday December 16 - Friday December 20 to submit your score. !!!RULES!!! -To participate must have photo or video evidence showing your fastest time, amount of deaths, and how many strawberries and pie you get. -No use of weapons unless against enemies, e.g. cats, robots, etc. -Levels will be in order from which are submitted so no asking for your level in a certain slot. -Level must be 40x30 and must be challenge mode and able to be completed in a reasonable yet difficult time. -Strawberries in one's level cannot be plainly given (I mean like not making it super easy to grab them all) and pie must be a difficult challenge to obtain. -DO NOT GIVE ME A LEVEL THAT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED AND NO LEVELS MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE!!! -In the result of a tie the winner will be decided in regular challenge mode, best 2 out of 3 on the last set. Scoring: +1 point for completing a scene with a C. +2 points for completing a scene with a B. +3 points for completing a scene with an A. +4 points for completing a scene with an A++. +2 points for completing a scene with the fastest time. +3 points for completing an act with the fastest time. +1 point for every strawberry you obtain. +2 points for every pie you obtain. I know for some of you 1000+ gems and 100+ yarn may not be a lot but it is all I have (will be giving away more as I get more.) To show me your level message me the picture and gamertag. If I choose your level I will post below in the corresponding number I get it and post your gamertag below. NOTE PLEASE READ: I am not taking credit for your levels, they are 100% yours and are just being used for the contest if you want it to be. Slot Number 1: Ps3guyguy Slot Number 2: UndeadNinya Slot Number 3: CMoNeYno23 Slot Number 4: BackupSidekick Slot Number 5: Slot Number 6: Slot Number 7: Slot Number 8: Slot Number 9: Slot Number 10: Slot Number:11 Slot Number 12: Slot Number 13: Slot Number 14: Slot Number 15: P.S. Great music to listen to when doing this would be the Chapter 8 Finale song!