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Found 40 results

  1. I want the orange knight helmet for my avatar but I don’t know how I get it
  2. Hello! So a friend recently told me you can actually transfer your characters from the Xbox 360 version of the game to the remastered version. I was very excited about this, but when I opened the old version of the game I was shocked to see they were all level 1. Any help? Or is this forum dead on the Castle Crashers topic?
  3. I'm looking for someone to help me clear the industrial castle on insane. I've been trying to get the Necromacer, he was my most maxed character back on the 360. Psn is Indoctrinates
  4. Yo I'm serious about this I don't want a nasty sandwich and basic PB&J has gotten too lame for my royal tounge. What should I make instead? I'm no sandwich craftsman I'll admit, my ability to make a rocking one isn't all that superb. Calling help of all sandwich artists out there to help.
  5. I was originally a console gamer a year ago and just recently I've really gotten into steam. I used to only use it for TF2 on occasion but since I picked up BBT and CC in the Steam summer sale I've been hooked. Here's the thing - other games just don't run well on my laptop. I need a new rig. I've got no monies ( ) so I this is kind of a long term plan. I'm thinking about getting a job so I can save up on getting one, but before I do that I really need to just find out how much I'm going to spend and how it's going to work. All I know right now is this - 4GB of RAM is minimal, 1TB hard drive is recommended, and that Desktops are better then laptops. I also have got a list of all the parts I need: CPU RAM Graphics Card Hard Drive DVD drive Power supply Computer Case So, now what? I'm sure building the PC isn't going to be to much of a problem, I just need to know the parts I need. I'm hoping for around $500 dollars but I'm willing to go for a stretch of $1000. This is a longterm plan and I don't need a new rig now. (Also I don't think a DVD drive is needed as barely any games are physical copies for PC nowadays.) The only preferred specs I would want is 8GB of RAM and at least 1TB hard drive. I'm no computer expert really so I'm not sure about everything else. That's why I'm here. Oh teach me great members of The Behemoth, teach me the ways of the PC master race. NOTE: The thread title was a mistake. Supposed to be: Building A Gaming Rig (Help?)
  6. While I was on vacation, we had a package being delivered. I had purchased a SNES off of Amazon, and was really excited to play it. When I set it up, it didn't work. We're considering getting a different set of audio and video cables, but they came packaged so you would think they would work. Power is flowing, because the red dot on the front is glowing. The games fit in fine, but when we look on the TV for any sign of it showing the game, it doesn't show up. Our TV is a Panasonic, if anybody out there knows what to do with it. Help is very appreciated! Never mind, I just needed a new pair of video and audio cables.
  7. I don't think there's a thread on this, but if there is, I probably did not look hard enough. Anyways, does anyone here happen to know how to convert a html file to a gif file? I have been working on some projects, and I saved them in html and gif formats. For some strange reason, the gif file will work on the school PC, but it won't work on my own PC. However, the html file works just fine in both places, so I'm trying to find a way to convert that html file to gif. I have tried opening the html file, right clicking Save As once the animation opens up, saving it as a gif, then opening the gif file, but it does not work for me. Is there another way?
  8. So, this story isn't to serious or anything, so I'm just going to put it here. I'm a really frustrated young director. I make many videos with my friends, and I've come to a point where we want to make some real legit videos and release them on the internet, because it'd be fun for our stuff to be watched. But we've got three problems. Quality: Now it doesn't matter if you have to funniest video in the world, if someone see's a video with awful quality, they'll click away. (With exception of a few.) Cameras: We've been using many different cameras. When we started we had this awesome picture/video camera. But that's when we had little knowledge about editing/movies. Those videos weren't good editing or story wise. Then one day, I had an actually good idea for a new video, but when I turned on the camera, it just said "error." So that camera was broken, and we needed a new one. For the next 2 months me and my two friends would make stupid but funny videos using the webcam. We even got a green screen. (Using a sheet.) But we really wanted to get out off our chairs and makes something outside or something. So one of my new friends said he had a really cheap video camera, and we used it. Him and I made 3 videos with that thing, and we brought it home to edit. The video quality stunk.That's just one reason I'm frustrated. Sound: No matter what camera we use (with the exception of the webcam) I can barely hear my friends when they're speaking. I made HUGE mistake giving this really quiet kid the main role. (He was supposed to show the main plot, but you couldn't hear him at all.) Also, whenever you move the camera, you'll hear a weird sound. With this new camera we're using as of now, there's a constant "tap tap tap" in the back round. I've actually considered getting a microphone, but I don't really have the money for it. Editing: A good movie needs good editing -- and I'm the editor. The frustration here are the editing programs. Not my skills. 6 months before I got that cheap camera I just made stupid random crap using my webcam in bed, but it sharpened my editing skills. I have three possible programs: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie HD (an older, better version of iMovie). I started with iMovie HD, and I'm now really good with it. But that kind of lacks in quality. (Hence the name, iMovie HD) But one day my dad brought home a computer that his work didn't want anymore, and it had two professional editing programs, Premiere and Final Cut. I started with Premiere, and was super hyped. But when I tried to edit some footage I had with the super cheap camera, the importing process was slow. The playback speed was even slower. Doing the most simple things on iMovie takes five minutes or more on Premiere. Everything is overly complicated. Hence it being a "professional" editing program, I could only make super basic stuff. I didn't even want to start with final cut after that. But I didn't want to go back to iMovie, as it lacks quality. Help? Directing: Yep, I'm the director too. But since I'm running out of time, I'll sum this up pretty quick. Whenever I have an awesome vision, it goes wrong. My friends aren't really the greatest actors, and of course as the camera helps us by lacking in quality, you may be able to see how bad these videos might be. All the jokes I add in, are never funny because you barely hear my friends or they just don't deliver them right. I can't kick them out, they're my close friends. Plus all the action/dramatic scenes turn out to be stupid or pathetic. My friends dying of laughter behind the camera doesn't help, either. If every movie I make turned out how I originally wanted it to be, I'd be top director. I JUST DON'T HAVE THE RESOURCES. Possible Solutions: Don't have the money to buy an HD camera or a high sound mic. My idear is that I could possibly find some good deals online for some HD mics/cams and just help my friends develop a character a little bit more. (But there bad acting is fantastic in comedy videos.) And possibly I could find a good editing program, or just give premiere/final cut another chance. So this is where you guys come in, any ideas?
  9. Hi. I did that map: And that was yesterday. I didn't get anything. I don't know why. CAn someone help me?
  10. Just yesterday as I was checking steam I was looking through my games but I couldn't see any trace of Battle Block Theater, I looked in my recent transactions and it said i never purchased BBT, I looked at the store page and it said i never got it so i couldn't just get it again and i've looked all over the internet but it says nothing Please Behemoth can you get a solution to this?
  11. Anyone remember my Hall of Pain thread? Well im almost done and I want to invite people to private matches to see if you guys have any tips. Send me a friend request (xDerpySquid11x) and message me if you want me to invite you. This is my first playlist and im no 8Bitten so I kinda need help. Thanks! - Cat Guard Edit: when I look up hall of pain, it just shows wrestling crud. Hall of Pain Coming to a Theater Near You
  12. Sorry if this was already written but. Two problems here: Whenever i finish a fbf (Furbottom's feature) level (the whole thing) I dont earn any star heads, or avatar awards. This is ridiculous since i have completed it 10 times and it still gives me nothing! Help!! -Update: I have a black xbox 360 with good wifi,etc My gamertag is Cylacine. ----Question 2 Any reason why the game randomly crashes? Like if i try to load a fbf or arena mode, the game crashes, my whole xbox crashes, cant do anything etc. Why does this happen??? It works on story but when i buy something from the gift shop, Boom the whole game freezes or crashes. I Update 2- I cant save my games because of it crashing, so i gotta start from the last chapter Cannot play fbf on co-op either. Or arena because if i do.. The first round i go to GAME CRASHES BOOM THERE YA GO.
  13. When I finally finished my Playlist in battleblock theater for the arena play contest I uploaded it and its gone! I came here for instructions to see if I can find it in the community theater but nothing was there I searched my name and playlist name but nothing appeared. you guys can try. My playlist is Epic Arena or Epic arena and my gamertag is ProAM1999
  14. So I was wondering I already own Battle Block Theater and if I bought Castle crashers would i still get the head? I just think it looks cool and I already wanted castle crashers. Please Respond if you know the answer or someone who would.
  15. Well, I thought my name would be cool so I made it this. But now, I realized I don't really like my name. On your help page it says the display name can be changed but I can't find it in my settings. Please help. Thanks!
  16. I purchased Castle crashers yesterday and when i try to open it, it doesnt work. It says an error has occured while updating castle crashers (disk read error). in my steam library it says download paused for it too. in my steam apps > common > castle crashers folder it only has one file its called installscript.vdf. I've tried reopening steam, reinstalling, verifying it, deleting locale file and everything but it still won't work please help. I just wanna play
  17. So I've submitted a ticket twice but It NEVER has sent me a ticket number. Any Ideas on how to fix this?
  18. So, I was wondering if there was any way I could reset or restart my game on battleblock theater, I couldn't help myself because I had heard it was a great game and I wanted to play it with my friend, so I got about halfway into the story and was wondering if there was anyway to restart or reset my game.
  19. Okay so I really want to get good with drawing in general, you might look at my picture and think "What's he talking about that looks good!" but in truth I didn't draw it, it was drawn by a friend of mine for me... I have been trying to practice (I also got myself a tablet so I can draw on my computer) but I just don't really see myself improving as much as I had hopped on my own so I was wondering if someone would be able to teach me I'm sorry if this is a bit awkward its just as much to me to be asking the internet to give me art lessons.
  20. Let's make this short and sweet, I've lost two skylanders tournaments in the final round to a guy that used Ninjini. Who can I use to deal enough damage and keep from being stun-locked by Ninjini?
  21. Soo, I was looking through my games the other day and I went to one of my favorite games ever, Overlord 2, and I looked at it and the achievements and noticed that I was missing some pvp/multiplayer achievements. At first I was like "well, I have most of them" then I was like. "I DONT HAVE ALL OF THEM IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES!!!" So I went into the multiplayer menu and searched for games and hosted games. Alas, it was like walking into blockbuster! A ghost town! Nobody but myself! Is anyone up for some Overlord 2 if you play it?
  22. Hello, so whilst playing Battleblock Theatre yesterday I was joining random story mode games and I played with a random person on xbox live and ounce i quit from the game I went to single player. Ounce i entered single player my gems/yarn were at an incredible ill-legitamit amount (as in millions of each). I'm concerned that my stats in the game were effected by the player and I would like to reset them back to where they were, or at least reset everything all together, can anyone help me figure out a way to do this. Much appreciated, Thank you!
  23. Hey fellow forum members! I was wondering if anyone could give some advice, tips, or any thing that can help me beat serious sam 3: bfe on "serious" difficultly. I hope I'm not the only forum member who plays the serious sam games. Keep in mind that no help can include me getting other players to help. I need to do this by myself for the achievement. I can beat the game on all other difficulties.
  24. This is not specific or even related to the Behemoth & their games, just trying to reach out a great community for help by getting votes for my Cat.. haha. So if possible, if you have the 5 seconds to give a vote, it would be much appreciated. Even more so, if you shared and passed it on. Here the site, (just a local mall's contest) Thanks - Jake Ralph (Foxes)