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Found 2 results

  1. Something happened when I played battleblock theatre today. I joined a game and I went into the gift shop. Someone else and I went into the trading booth. The other person switched around the items that they would trade me. It was faster than usual. Then we decided that I should give him 15 yarn and he would give me 100 gems. Then we pressed a two times. I waited about thirty seconds to get out of the trading booth, then someone left the gift shop. Then the other person and I went back into trading booth. Instead, we decided I would give him 21 yarn and he would give me 95 gems. Then I waited for about one or two minutes and we left the trading booth. I went back downstairs and I saw someone catch on fire. Nobody else was there. Then I went to unlock some prisoners and I left the game. I also remember someone got punched and no one was there. Thanks! Edit: Oops! Hacker and battleblock theatre in the tags are together.
  2. I saw a similar post here: (and tried everything there ) I'm having the same issue even though I followed everything on that post. I'm using x360 emulator and it works fine for castle crashers and on steam's big picture. But it wont work on battleblock theater :/ I'm using a gamemaster 337 with the emulator I copied the .exe and .dll files into the Battleblock theater folder, started the app, closed it, and started up the game but it doesnt recognize my controller when it says press any button, nothing happens.. I didn't use the mouse to start the game, only the controller, and it still doesn't work.. I'd really love some help on this issue ^-^