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Found 1 result

  1. We already have a Magic: The Gathering thread but we don't have threads for any of the other magnificent trading card games the world has to offer. This is the place to talk about TCG's in general. (And yeah feel free to talk about Netrunner and other miscellaneous card games here if you want to even though they might not be TCG's) Back when I was a kid, I collected Pokemon cards but never actually played the game they were for since I hated having to load my deck up with Energy cards and crap. I also collected and played with Yugioh cards, and even though I have less of them, I really liked them a lot more. (I have well over two thousand Pokemon cards as opposed to a maybe few hundred Yugioh cards.) My friends and I would always bend the rules when we played Yugioh so that we didn't need to do the fancy Fusion monster summoning thing since we almost never actually had the correct components, and same for Ritual monsters. We would just play those guys normally like any other monster. Anyways I found my collection the other day while I was cleaning my basement and I rediscovered some of my old favorites like Relinquished, Black Luster Soldier, Insect Queen, Masked Beast Des Gardius, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon and Dragon Master Knight, and man did they spark my childhood excitement for these things. I kinda wanna start collecting them and playing with them again but I'm already broke from amiibos and I don't need to juggle two expensive hobbies to keep my wallet crying. (Might do it anyways though, if I can find other people to play it with) I also played around with Neopets cards for a very brief period of time, but that was long ago in a galaxy far far away Anyways, what trading card games do you guys play/did you guys play? What are your favorite cards? Post those collections if you have 'em, I'll definitely share some pictures of my collection and my favorite cards after I look through all of them.