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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone! Finally finished my playlist so all you keen BBT players can grab your favourite prisoner and give it a run thru!! Escape is the ONLY option!!!
  2. The secret level in chapter 3 doesn't seem to be working for me. When I attempt to use the fans designed to launch me into the air and get to the gems, I always always bump my head on the ice blocks above stopping me from getting the necessary speed to fly up and reach the gems. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I've watched numerous tutorials all doing exactly the same thing I did however they make it up into the air without a single problem.
  3. I want to make a playlist using YOUR opinions! Like color choice, color layout design, pathways, obstacles, puzzles, etc. I will take most of your opinions but not use them exactly as is said to not be copying your idea unless you are alright with it. Thanks to anyone that leaves their opinions below!
  4. I have been working on a playlist for a very long time and it is almost complete, I just need some people to test the playlist, anyone willing to help me test the levels will be rewarded greatly. The playlist I am making is called Shadow Wars, I would like to see if people could identify mistakes I may have made but have not seen. Send a message to TallishMass if you would like to help me.
  5. I have noticed a lot of levels being made are crowded even at the max size, or the level has too much open spots, and this affects how the player may feel about the level. I wondered if level size should be able to have an increase to the max height and width. I wondered if the max size would be able to go to 50 height, 40 width, and so it will be a total of 2,000 possible blocks in a map. This should at least prevent some overcrowding in made maps due to bigger size. Should the level size for levels we make be increased so we can make less crowded maps?
  6. I was wondering if the Behemoth could add a new block in Battleblock Theater that could totally change the experience with playing levels. I wondered if gravitational blocks could be added. The blocks would have an arrow at one of the 4 directions and when a player steps on the block, they would switch where they land. So, imagine using this block and then we are on the ceiling, that would be awesome, and if we wanted to get back down we would have to find a gravitational block facing downwards. To add this block, the Behemoth would also have to make the exit able to go sideways or upside down. I think this would be a really cool feature, does anyone else agree?
  7. Please Read Before Posting! Please watch this before asking any questions! If it still didn't answer the thing you wanted to know like how some of the blocks work. Please go to Battlepedia, here. ( Okay, now let's begin! You are probably here asking, "Can you give me some tips on how to make a better level?" Yes I am friend, and I will give you multiple tips on how to not make your level not smell like bat poop. Well my friend, I have seen a lot of bat poop levels on the community theater right now! So here are my DOs and Don'ts of making a level. DOs Do make your levels fun and excited, don't waste a moment to put an interesting obstacle or puzzle. One example is instead of having a normal ladder, put some lasers next to it to make a timing obstacle! Do use the signs. I mean both the arrow ones, the warning ones, and the instructional ones. If you think there might be a chance of them not knowing where to go, use a arrow sign to point them in the right direction. The warning ones are mostly used for decoration, but they do make simple obstacles seem more challenging. The instructional ones should be used every time a player not know what to do. A heavy example is calling the horse to you with the LT button. I'm sure someone made a level where this happened and didn't put the sign. Do have intriguing placement of both your strawberries and your pie. Make sure that the pie one is the most difficult/hardest to find while the strawberries can be more easy to reach places. Another thing I've seen is that people use hidden block trails to hide strawberries, which is fine. However, they have mostly been random and not hinted at in the slightest. There are a few ways that you can hint at a hidden trail. One of them being an indent, which is where there is an empty space to the entrance of the hidden trail. Another is using colored blocks to lead the path. Finally, the last one is leaving the strawberry exposed, which will make them look around and probably will find your hidden block trail. Do test your levels with a friend. This is both for single player levels and co-op levels. (NOTE: I'm sorry if you're forever alone, but you should do this.) Since you made the map, you know where all the strawberries and pie are. And also how to beat the level effectively. You should ask a friend or relative. This is way more important in co-op levels though since you should get the feel on how to play the level with a friend. Do use plants and trees. They are just fun to put about to make your level not feel empty. DON'Ts Don't make your level open as all hell. I've seen levels that are all just cannons and grenade cats that are all just thrown across the whole level without linear thinking. Please make your levels linear where there is a beginning, middle, and end. The only exception is MAYBE secret levels, but don't make them super difficult. Don't make troll levels. I've seen levels that have just hidden blocks every where that only lead to death. It isn't fun, it isn't creative, it's just pointless. Don't make your level's impossible level difficult unless it actually requires skill. There are levels that are just filled with grenade throwing cats, lasers, and spikes just placed to make things difficult that requires no skill to traverse and ends up being luck. Don't use only a single color. There are some levels that are a single color which is horrible to look at. It isn't fun seeing the same single colored block everywhere in the level with no patterns. Use colors that contrast or maybe look cool and are easy to tell apart! Your help! Please comment below if you have any DOs or DON'Ts to help the new blood! We need nice juicy Dracula worthy new blood and not that sparkly vampire new blood! COMMENT BELOW!
  8. The recent arena FF has many levels where multiple game types are used. You might think this is a good way to boost the fun factor of a level, but unless done right will actually ruin the level. It's apparent throughout We Like Sportz. Different game types give different amounts of points, and whichever gives the most and/or is the easiest to obtain will be the focus of the level. For example: putting Grab the Gold as the game type then adding a king block(s) will make the match King of the Hill focused. Putting Ball Game as the game type then adding horse base blocks will make the match Capture the Horse focused. Let me break it down by showing the least point heavy mode to most: Grab the Gold - gives 1 point per gold piece; takes a while to get gold to safe; will probably get up to 20 points per match. Ball Game - gives 7 or 10 points per basket; depending on level design anywhere from 7 to 56 per match. Soul Snatcher - gives 1 point slowly per soul; easily get 50 points per match min. King of the Hill - gives 1 point rapidly per person; 100s place possible per match. Capture the Horse - gives 1 point consistently per person and 25 points per capture; is like mobile king block with benefits; easily get to 100s place per match. Color the World - gives 1 point per normal block or spike block if hit on spike side; highly dependant on level structure but usually in the 200s or 300s place per match. Muckle - gives 2 or 3 points per hit, 10 per self death, and 20 per kill; will usually get to 300s place easily per match. A balance needs to be obtained where both (or even three) game types give a significant value to the level. If you add Capture the Horse to another game type (besides Muckle), make it harder to get to their horse or get to your goal. Use less normal blocks for Color the World if you add Ball Game or King of the Hill to it, but make sure the extra game type isn't too easy to score either. Don't add any game types to Grab the Gold unless it's a difficult Ball Game. Any extra game types in Muckle will be chump change in the long run, and unless done right will be insignificant or add unfair randomness to the score. Adding all three extra game types to a mode is ignorant as Capture the Horse will be the dominant booster. I hope this helps people create better combo levels and prevents good concepts turning into levels with the wrong picture on the door.
  9. I'm not sure how I go about figuring the best time for the A++ ranking. Should I just use my time, or do mine but minus a few seconds. Also how can I tell how long it took for me to beat the level. It seems like there is no timer.
  10. I get creative in short bursts, and then when I'm done, I upload it to see how people rate my playlist and how it works with 4 people at once. The problem is, that means all of my playlists are only 3 levels. I have made 5 3-level playlists, and I would like to combine them all into one 15-level playlist. Is there any way to do this?
  11. I've only found a few secret levels so far and i'd figured i'd just post them here. Btw, sorry if i'm not that descriptive. level 1-7 the first laser you come across jump down on spot below it. level 2-2 detonate to block to the right of the 2nd checkpoint and jump on the block underneath it. You jump gly upwards and be teleported to a small area and then just walk right. ( credit to Ashram ) level 3-9 after the 2nd checkpoint across the bridge when darts are being shot at you, jump on a dart stuck to the wall then to the little area above you to the right. level 4-7: In the very first part of the level after u block the laser with the rock on the bottom, go to the laser u block and jump up through the clouds above u and take a step to the right. ( its the spot right below u when u start the level) these are the only ones I've found so if you know more it'll be nice to share it co-op level 1-7: same spot as solo co-op level 2-4: At the third check point, to the left, pull out the block, jump up the blocks, when ur on the top one you will see a tree. get a friend to throw u up there. you will see a the blue thing ( don't know what tjey're called ).....stand on it and get your friend to cross to the other side. jump up or get off the blue thing and the friend on the other side will land on the ground and will be teleported to the secret level.
  12. Can we be expecting the level editor (even a rough build of it) to be included with the beta? Dying to get my hands on the editor almost as much as the game itself.