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Found 3 results

  1. I'm sorry for advertising...and making two threads in a row........and copying SaltOnToast.But I believe that my livestreams aren't getting the attention they deserve,I literally get only a maximum of 5 viewers and all of them are either asked by me to join the livestream.So anyway to hey that stuff off my chest let me explain my streams,I usually do drawings art and animations and even creating stuff in Unity3d and sometimes video games.I stream when I feel like it but plan to make a schedule when I get more viewers. Please consider checking it out,Thanks
  2. Live Stream of Game 4 - October 24th from 3-4PM PST Extra Life Marathon As you may have read on our blog, we've joined Extra Life 2014! Our Team leader, Raptr, will be hosting us on their Twitch TV channel on Friday, October 24th, from 3-4PM PST. Our live stream will focus on fundraising for Rady Children's Hospital through our Extra Life fundraising page, playing Game 4 for majority of that hour, and then raffling off a new plush that has never been seen or sold before! If you want to enter the raffle, be sure to donate at least $10 thru our Extra Life fundraising page before the end of our Oct 24th stream. We recommend viewers to check out the Game 4 footage that is already out because we want to be able to show you more of the game! Our gameplay will start off from the end of the last battle in our PAX Prime demo, featured in this Gamespot video: If you don't have time to watch it before the live stream, no problem! We'll make sure to do a general verbal recap at the start of the stream. We just want to make sure you get to see some of the new stuff we've been working on! We'll be going through a lot of Game 4 content and we want you to join in the fun! You'll be able to ask us questions in the chat room and also help us choose some adventures. But, why wait until then? Let's kick off the weekend with a poll! Who would you like to see as the hero when we start our October 24th stream? Will it be Horatio with his sturdy shield, Pipistrella with her mighty mallet, or Yosef with his astounding axes that stun? Put in your vote by October 24th, 2PM PST!
  3. Play with the Devs (PwtD) is our chance to chat with you and play our games with the community! Whenever we do a live stream and open it up to the community, we’ll let you know during the stream how you can sign up to play against our Behemoth staff. Thursday, January 23rd, 4:00-5:00PM PST Next up on our live Twitch TV stream of Play with the Devs, we have TOM FULP, our co-founder of The Behemoth and Castle Crashers programmer, joining us for the full hour. This is a rare chance for us to bring in Tom since he’s usually busy staring at code and running Newgrounds. He’ll be playing against YOU in Castle Crashers XBLA. Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 23rd, from 4:00PM-5:00PM PST! Follow our channel to get notified when our stream goes live! Watch all of our previous Play with the Devs episodes HERE. We teamed up and played against the community in our game, BattleBlock Theater, and we also had a few guests drop in in 2013. Thanks so much for watching and being a part of the live stream magic.