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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there guys, Im gonna cut straight to the point. I think my brothers Nintendo DS Lite is cursed with some sort of luck hex or something. Definitely witchcraft Most games use RNG (random number generation) to determine random events. For example, the odds of a Barbarian dropping his weapon in Castle Crashers is (probably) based on RNG. The game picks a number between 1 and 100 and if it chooses 42, the sword is dropped.* Any game played in my brothers DS seems to have an IMMENSE amount of luck in its RNG decisions. Heres a few examples (all legit, no cheating or hacking here): Pokemon Platinum: Animal Crossing Wild World: New Super Mario Bros DS: Have you ever seen this, or a similar story before? Can you explain it? Tell the world your stories here! J *These are NOT real values, just an example of how it works.
  2. How often do you find them? I find them occasionally, and they are always fun to play with. How often do you guys find actual good randoms?