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Found 11 results

  1. Well I decided to start drawing. So here are a few of my drawings! Most of them are pretty sketchy because that's the most comfortable way to draw, and I need to break out of that habit. But for now enjoy my black and white drawings. 001 - Girl 002 - Knight 002.2 -Knight full body 003 - Mask 007 - Snow Girl Forum Member Pictures The original Dexide Central Classroom Mods - Requested by Roy Roy X Pocket
  2. Forum-related madness to post here. Anyways here's something that I just noticed: "is awoken from their spooning" -Mr. Hatty
  3. As most of you know, I kind of disappeared for awhile. I do know that Battleblock is becoming popular again because of it being free for gold members. But seriously, stop adding me as a friend. Everyday now for the past two weeks, I have been deleting new friend requests. My friend requests fill up so fast that I can't keep up with them. Then I get tons of messages saying that they want to be my friend or questions about BBT. I can't be friends with everyone in the world, I can't possibly play with everyone single one of you, I'm not about to hand out free gems or heads, no I do not duplicate heads, nor do I care to know any cool duplication tricks, I know that people are catching up to me in the leaderboards, I also know that I am a loser and no-life hack and POS, are my gems legit? yes, do I think unshippedhalo02 is cheating? yes, duh, how did I get most of my gems? challenge solo/ball... anything else? Please stop sending me messages and friend requests. I've stopped playing the game except for an occasional ball game here and there. If you really, really have to know something, ask around. Most people know the answer to anything you can possibly ask me.
  4. Hello EVERYBODY! After a while of missing copies and stuff I FINALLY re bought BBT,I'm well on my way to completing it BUT my problem is I need someone to play it with,I know that its fun to play by yourself but I want to have LOADS of fun. If you want to play with me add me on steam username: Potatofarm71
  5. So I was wondering I already own Battle Block Theater and if I bought Castle crashers would i still get the head? I just think it looks cool and I already wanted castle crashers. Please Respond if you know the answer or someone who would.
  6. So I've submitted a ticket twice but It NEVER has sent me a ticket number. Any Ideas on how to fix this?
  7. A franchise is a series of games, for those who didn't know. Mine would be: 1. Metroid - My favorite kind of gameplay lies with this series, with Super Metroid being my favorite game of all time. A single game from this has never disappointed me... except for the one on the original gameboy. 2. Castlevania - Sure they've had their ups and downs, but the good games are some of the best games I've ever played (Castlevania 1, 3, Super Castlevania 4, Dracula X, SoTN, etc.) 3. Paper Mario - Every single game in this series is a masterpiece, with The Thousand Year Door being the greatest of the series. (TTYD > Paper Mario 1 > Super Paper Mario < Sticker Star)
  8. How the heck do some people know so much about the internet? 90% of the time I have to google a reference someone has made to find out and no longer feel stupid. Am I not browsing the internet enough? I kinda want to be able to make funny references to funny things too, y'know. I had never heard of Doge until the avatar theme. Sue me.
  9. So today I got pink-eye from visiting a friend and just asking if anyone knows any remedies or something so I can at least treat it. And you can also talk about when you got pink-eye from somewhere or something
  10. There was this guy on BBT who had a trophy coloured blue. I can only assume this was hacked seeing as how I've never seen anyone before him/her who had any trophy besides gold or silver. He left almost as soon as he joined so I didn't get any pics. EDIT: Case closed, please lock this.
  11. So I made this picture on Photoshop Adobe and I don't think it turned out well (I'm watching you Koen ).