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Found 2 results

  1. Here's the scoop from the looks of it -Pokemon Go is an augmented reality app for Android and iPhone -You go out in the real world and find Pokemon, then battle them and catch them -You can battle other people in real life with your Pokemon that you've caught -You can trade Pokemon with other people in real life -There will be events where you and your community will battle a legendary Pokemon with a time limit and attempt to defeat it -This app comes out in 2016; it'll be free to play, but will have in-app purchases -There will also be a watch-like Bluetooth device called Pokemon Go Plus that interacts with the game in multiple ways, such as alerting you if there is a Pokemon nearby or if something like an event is happening. This low-energy device is optional and was designed to make it so people wouldn't have to stare at their phones constantly in order to be aware of things happening around them. -This is being developed by The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, Nintendo, and a company called Niantic that worked on a similar game called Ingress. Miyamoto himself is involved with it. -This will not interfere with the mainline Pokemon games, but it might tie into them in the future Here's some of what we don't know -What Pokemon will this game start with? (Only Kanto Pokemon appear in this trailer) -What are the in-app purchases? Pokeballs? Potions? Exclusive Pokemon like in the Game Corner? TMs and HMs? -Which Pokemon can you find? How often? Will some Pokemon be exclusive to certain areas? -Will battling work the same way as in Pokemon games with the same attacks, stats, abilities, etc? -Etc Overall I'm very excited, this is every Pokemon fan's dream and they're making it all a reality. It seems too good to be true though, especially after what The Pokemon Company pulled with Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. I eagerly await more details but for now I'm cautiously optimistic about Pokemon Go. What do you guys think? What features do you want to see? Which Pokemon do you want to catch? What will be your type/gimmick when you become your town's gym leader? DISCUSS!!
  2. So in case you haven't heard, here's the news from a recent Nintendo press conference. Nintendo is partnering with Japanese mobile giant DeNA and, with this partnership, plans to make games for smartphones and tablets using Nintendo IPs. To clarify, these are games made just for smartdevices, not ports of games from other consoles, and they will feature Nintendo characters and worlds. They also plan to develop a new core system that is compatible with PCs, smartphones, tablets, and Nintendo consoles. They're aiming to release a membership service that utilizes their new system by Fall 2015. Guess we'll hear more at E3. Additionally, Nintendo has announced that they plan to show their next dedicated gaming console next year. It's currently codenamed Nintendo NX and Iwata claims it is being designed around a "brand new concept". He gave this announcement to assure everyone that Nintendo's enthusiasm for dedicated video game consoles is not hindered in any way by the decision to enter the mobile app market, but rather strengthened. So ladies and gents, this is the future of Nintendo. What do you think? I'm betting my money that the Nintendo NX will incorporate AR or VR and the reason they're pushing it so quickly is because, well, all of the other major console developers have shown their VR headsets and it's Nintendo's turn to step up to the plate. I think we'll be hearing about it next year and we'll see a 2017 release date, giving the Wii U a 5-year life-span just like the Wii had. As for their mobile development, I'm curious to see what kinds of franchises they send over. We'll obviously be seeing Mario on smartdevices, as well as spin-off Pokemon games similar to Pokemon Shuffle. I could also see Kirby and maybe Donkey Kong games on smartdevices, and I'd actually love to see a WarioWare game for mobile. Overall I think the decision to develop for mobile devices is a very smart one, and it was also very smart of them to announce their next console along with this so that people didn't freak out and think Nintendo is in some kind of financial trouble. So what games do you want to see on mobile devices? What do you think the Nintendo NX will be like: a handheld? a console? both? VR or AR? something else entirely? What impact will it have on the "current gen" of consoles? Post your thoughts!