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Found 2 results

  1. Happy Friday, everyone! We're starting the weekend off swimmingly with new forum moderators! But first, thank you to all of the community members who took the time to apply. We only had a need for two new mods, but we really value everyone in the forums. If we have another search, we encourage you to apply again! After going through all the applicants, we narrowed it down to two qualified individuals who have shown us their ability to be well-spoken, level-headed, mature, positive & friendly, and just all-around great guys in the forums. As of today, we knight Vinchenzo and GoldenGhost. We dub thee Mod Level 1! Please join me in congratulating them <3 May your moderating be just, fair, and swift.
  2. Hey Behemoth Chickens! We've been busy here at the studio with Game 4 development and with the start of trade show season. It's been super helpful having our wonderful moderators on board to check up on the forums. However, we lost one of our mods last year and our current mods are doing their best with juggling work, school, forums, etc. They're doing an awesome job regardless, but they could use another hand or two with keeping everything squeaky clean! We're opening up an application period for anyone who is interested in becoming a moderator. We'll be looking for at least one or two more moderators in the next month. Submit your applications by 5PM PST on Monday, April 6th, 2015. Here's what we need: What being a moderator entails New moderators will start as "mods" which is basically "moderator level 1" and can be promoted to higher levels over time. This is a volunteer position, and moderator status can be removed at any time by my, or any other The Behemoth employee discretion. As a moderator, your main functions, other than general peacekeeping, are to find and move misplaced topics into the appropriate sections, redirecting/locking dead or dupe threads, reporting posts/people, and directing me to things that need my attention. IMPORTANT: Moderators don't make the rules, they help to enforce them. Occasionally, the rules will be developed or altered based on the progression of the forums. We judge potential Moderators based on their behavior on the forums. Promising to stop breaking the rules or be more mature after becoming a Moderator doesn't give us much to work with. Here is what we are looking for in a moderator: Maturity: you must be mature enough to handle tough situations, angry, flaming trolls, people calling you names, all sorts of stuff while remaining calm and not reacting emotionally. Power-trips will not be tolerated. Activity & Proactivity: You must be an active member, but you don't necessarily need to post crazy lots. If you lurk here, post occasionally, and are familiar with the community and what is going on, that’s fine. In fact, if you tend to post very very frequently, then you may not be happy as a moderator. This is because as an official moderator, you would have to take a step back from engaging in personal debates, and posting your personal opinions about individuals to a large degree. Grammar, spelling, clear post etiquette: I’ll be looking back through your post history to see if your style of posting is clear and easy to read. Helpfulness and positive attitude: We are looking for people who really want to help the community, and will bring a positive attitude to the table! Availability: We're going to try to find people in a variety of time zones, who can focus on different areas of the forums. extra points if you are online between 2am-4am PST! Languages: Reading/Writing languages other than English is a plus! Requirements: Minimum 3 months as a member of forums No active warnings (nothing in the past 6 months) 50 post minimum Must be at least 16 If you are interested please send me an email with the following information: 1) What's your forum username? 2) How much time would you say you spend in the forums each day? 3) Which forum sections do you spend the most time in? Which the least? 4) What time of day do you usually spend time in here? (Mornings? Evenings? Middle of the night?) Also, what time zone are you in? 5) How old are ya? 6) Do you speak/write any other languages? (not required, just curious!) 7) What is your actual full name? If you aren't selected this time around, do not despair, we will keep you in mind for next time! Stay an active, helpful member and we'll always need more mods down the line. Thank you to everyone who is interested in helping out!! Send your apps to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com and all moderators will review as a group and we'll let you know if we have any questions. Deadline will be April 6, 2015. Selection process may go until the end of April, but we'll post the new moderators by the first week of May 2015!